AlexB EQs vs Waves, UAD, Softube...

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Re: AlexB EQs vs Waves, UAD, Softube...

Postby SWAN » Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:32 pm

yes in my preliminary listening the Alex B programs sound much more 'real' than the plugins...which have a sort of glassy sound to me...
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Re: AlexB EQs vs Waves, UAD, Softube...

Postby micstandbob » Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:09 am

I am mixing professionally and use nebula. I have been using nebula consoles and tapes for a year, but recently collected a lot more nebula eqs. Some of my projects have hit 200 tracks. 75 of them might be layered violins and cellos... so not 200 instruments, but I have several nebula instances on every track by the time the mix is over. Thanks to Cubase 5 64bit, i7 and cubase batch exporting, the process of printing nebula and moving on is nearly painless. How bout patching up a whole studio, and then re-patching for the next song. that is certainly seen as professional. nebula is WAY quicker and certainly is the best ITB results i have heard. Nebula has taken my mixes so much further that I can't ignore using Nebula.
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Re: AlexB EQs vs Waves, UAD, Softube...

Postby micstandbob » Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:24 am

sorry just realized my post was a little off topic. I have some of Alex B's Eq's and they sound heaps better than any other plugin eqs i've heard. I have been through most of the protools eqs and many vst native eqs and Nebula definately is a cut above other eq plugins!
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Re: AlexB EQs vs Waves, UAD, Softube...

Postby RJHollins » Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:08 am

IF I had a session that had 100+ tracks ...
the only 'effect' I might be looking for is the MUTE button :shock:

Seriously, it was crazy enough sync'ing 2 24trk machines together thru a 56 input console. Oh sure, we had automation/recall available ... but it had to be hand-reset manually.

I'm sure many of todays engineers think different about track counts [and editing for that matter]. it is a different 'mentality' today. Having 48 trks of analogue [actually 46] was a challenge to keep control of tape noise. [I personally despised most NR systems].

On a 'standard' 24 trk session, we might track out the basic rhythm section and have drums track spread across 8-10 trks ... but then we'd usually stereo bounce down the toms & OH ... so drums would be 4-5 trks. Of course, we'd have to 'plan' our sounds during tracking.

Another example would be for vocals ... I always tried to hold 3 open tracks to cut lead vocals to. From there we could assemble a composite when needed.

Also ... EFX from guitars, synths, etc ... we always strived to print them. True ... we were working with both experienced session players and producers, whereby I learned from when I step into the Producer chair. So MUCH of it was the in the 'arrangement', and instrumentation. When this was correct, mixing was an absolute joy.

... i'm sorry ... was I ranting :o
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Re: AlexB EQs vs Waves, UAD, Softube...

Postby tumburu » Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:05 pm

It depends of the type of work you do. Rendering 100 tracks is not practical in my situation as I will end up unfreezing and freezing again as the producer asks for changes. I have a studio where I work at 96kHz and Nebula eats the computer at breakfast, even if it's an i7 with a healthy amount of ram.

I end up doing mastering with Nebula and some very nice analog compressors, so the result turns out good and analog sounding, but for mixing, I will wait a bit more, until the machines can offer the amount of power needed to run 2-3 Nebula instances on every track.

Sorry for the off-topic, I'm sure that Alex' eqs sound better than the other ones, I know what they can do (have 2 of them myself).
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Re: AlexB EQs vs Waves, UAD, Softube...

Postby Puranon » Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:51 am

Has anybody compared

The UAD-1 4K EQ section

with the

AlexB Classic Logic eQ PRO
http://www.alessandroboschi.eu/html/en/ ... gic_eq.htm
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Re: AlexB EQs vs Waves, UAD, Softube...

Postby Metalblast » Wed Jul 14, 2010 2:25 am

the old UAD slogan "Analog Ears, Digital Minds!" got a new dimension !!!
Thanks to all nebula pioneers Giancarlo, AlexB, Michael, Velinas, Lord Nielson and and and...
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Thanks for all,
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