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Postby Cupwise » Wed May 25, 2016 8:40 pm

don't get too excited, there is only one up for now, and i'm not sure how this will play out. it's kind of an experiment, and the bundle deals are subject to change at any time, if i decide to 'tweak' them.

for now the only one up is 'High-End Studio Reverbs'. if you buy it, it's like buying Bee X-20, and Plates of Legend I and II, and then getting Custom Plate for free.

i think i will do 'upgrade' type deals, where if you already have one or some items that are in a bundle, you can contact me (contact form at my site), and i will give you a price for the rest of the stuff in that bundle. i'll calculate that on a case by case basis, based a bit on my whim at that given moment, but you'll always stand to save $ with my offer. the main thing i don't want to get myself into is a corner where i release a bundle, and a bunch of people already have everything but one item in that bundle, and if the deal essentially gives away an item for free, then i'm stuck spending lots of time dealing with tons of emails asking for that last item in the bundle for free. that sort of thing. so in those cases i would probably still charge at least a few $ just for my time.

again this is kind of an experiment. i also think my stuff has always been priced pretty low, especially for the time put into it, so i can't offer HUGE savings with these bundles so keep that in mind if you feel like offering suggestions. if you do want to comment with ideas or suggestions though, feel free.

i'll try to post any updates or new added bundles here as i add them.
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