GET APEq Collection! FLASH SALE NEXT 24H! ONLY 13.99€

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GET APEq Collection! FLASH SALE NEXT 24H! ONLY 13.99€

Postby Mirco » Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:23 pm



Get APEQ for only 13.99€ in the next 24h!
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ABOUT APEq Collection

The APEq Collection is our revamped collection of Nebula presets - based on an EQ that played a major part in music recording history in the USA during the 60's and 70's.

After years of experience with that wonderful EQ and having developed a very successful and widely loved emulation of it, the "APE Channel", we have decided to create a successor to this famous library that draws from the same great tone, but takes it to a new level of sonic richness.

True to our motto, "Making good things better", we kept the best elements of the APE Channel and added many new and improved features. This final library now includes a number of improvements, including 3 different versions of the EQ:

The first is sampled using more transparent converters, while the second is sampled using a slightly more colored A/D converter and a different EQ module of the same brand. The 3rd version has been sampled as part of an analog chain, so its sound is based not only on the EQ, but on a preamp as well (same manufacturer, legendary 2520 op-amps). Last but not least, we listened to our customer’s requests and added a new set of "Combo" presets.

Whatever version you prefer, you now have more sonic options, and what we think is the closest thing to real hardware money can buy. With these final results, AITB has raised the bar for Nebula EQ libraries once again!

Library Details
57 presets. 9 main EQ programs with variations, 8 combos and 4 a bonus of preamp programs

Remember: we offer unlimited re-downloads, in case you will need a new download in the future. :mrgreen:
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