Cupwise Mixing Filters Pack 2 (including '1066 N' with high

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Cupwise Mixing Filters Pack 2 (including '1066 N' with high

Postby Cupwise » Tue Dec 15, 2015 9:16 am

New mixing filter set is up! The biggest attraction here would definitely be the '1066 N' programs, offering a high pass with 4 switchable positions (just like the hardware), and a high shelf with gain that's fully variable from -16dB up to +14dB. Then there's a 'pass-through' program with no filtering that you can use to get some of that sought after tone.

Then there's the 'Brown' filters, a high pass and low pass. These both provide multiple, switchable filter positions.

Everything sampled in stereo, with a caveat that a few of the positions on the Brown HP and one in the LP are in mono, which isn't a bad thing it just means that for those positions, your input will get processed with the same impulses for both channels. For everything else though, there is always an at least *very subtle* stereo widening effect going on due to the imperfections in the filters not being exactly matched, between the channels. In my opinion it's never too strong that it distracts from anything, and it just lends to the analog nature of the effects, really. The Brown HP actually has a slightly differently shaped slope in each channel in some cases. This is the kind of thing that happens in the analog world though!

All these filters in mix pack 1 and 2 sound different, have different slopes, different harmonics and all the other things that make any two pieces of gear sound different, so my advice is, of course, to buy them all! ;)

Mix Filters Pack 2
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Re: Cupwise Mixing Filters Pack 2 (including '1066 N' with h

Postby RE301 » Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:37 am

Groovy! Just bought.. thanks for the influx of new Cupwise libraries!
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