AlexB - Modern Tube Console v.2 : RELEASED !

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Re: AlexB - Modern Tube Console v.2 : RELEASED !

Postby lipa » Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:09 pm

Alex did great work with this console as with previous one. The icrease in quality of the new libraries is very significant! :) Next week we'll see great new libraries, some eqs this time. :P
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Re: AlexB - Modern Tube Console v.2 : RELEASED !

Postby RJHollins » Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:10 am

Tonite, I'm working on a 1958 recording of a small vocal jazz quartet [Restoration/Mastering].

I auditioned several consoles. As it turns out, the MTC console brought just the right vibe. Using the MTC Mic Pre, and the MTC M.BUS Vintage.

For just some added soothing ... HO's E-M-EYE-LINE IN [testing].

At the early stage of EQ, the German Mastering W95S along with the AIR-EQ are doing some general shaping and corrections.

I'm still experimenting with EQs, as I'm looking to maintain that '50s 'dry', intimate texture and depth.

Might need some compression. Considering Tim's STAY leveler, and possible the round tone of the KULT compressor.

Fun :mrgreen:
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