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Tube FM 1-4 Bundle + bonus

Postby Cupwise » Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:58 pm

I'm bundling Tube FM 1-4 together. You get 15$ off if you buy all of them. That comes to a little over 17% discount. On top of that there is a bonus set. Some nuggets are in this set, I think 7 effects, and they each relate to one of the sets in the bundle. One is a pretty cool (stereo) reverb/delay that I used cassette tape to make, along with the really smooth Philco tube amplifier I got for Tube FM 4. There are even the two original prototype tube radio effects I made over a year ago, as an experiment, which resulted in all of the other stuff happening.

If you buy the individual sets separately, you still get the discount and bonus set. Just help me out by CONTACTING ME before buying the last set of the bunch. Toss me an email telling me what you have, and I'll send you an invoice for the last pieces of the set, then the links to what you need. This would be much preferred to you buying the last set, then me having to issue you a 15$ refund.

My contact email is here:

Bundle info here (there is at least the bonus set manual so you can see what is in there):

oh and whatever you do, don't notice how in the first paragraph of the bonus manual, i misspelled "its" (arrggh!).

Oh and and, Tube FM 4 just came out, so if you don't know about that, check out the thread for it.

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