AITB - MAC x64 UPDATE FOR E.A.R out now!

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Re: AITB - MAC x64 UPDATE FOR E.A.R out now!

Postby andiw » Wed Oct 08, 2014 10:21 am

Why is there always a debate starting when someone mentions the word 'copy protection' ...... ?
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Re: AITB - MAC x64 UPDATE FOR E.A.R out now!

Postby richie43 » Wed Oct 08, 2014 4:35 pm

Not trying to debate, just responding on a forum about a topic you are talking about. That's what people do on forums..... I was also trying to possibly help you understand why someone like Mirco will most likely not stop using the copy protection. I'm actually a nice guy, I was just trying to help.
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Re: AITB - MAC x64 UPDATE FOR E.A.R out now!

Postby Mirco » Wed Oct 08, 2014 10:55 pm

Hi again,

I think we should not debate on protection shemes, cause
we're bounded to what Acustica Audio is delivering to the 3rd party developers - and we will always protect our work, like we'd always done! And the user can find our actual system requirements on our productpages, so they know what they are buying.

In the time where we first released our products, they where no x64 - everyone released 32bit versions, and x64 was a new thing, even in Nebula-Land and it is still a young feature. This does not mean our prodcuts aren't working, they still do, we have a large userbase, many of them managed it to help themselves with wrappers and such - and the userbase is still growing even without 64bit.

The Beta-Users for x64 upgrades are reporting, that the libraries working well, so we will release them step by step - there is also a lot of work to do beside all this, like coding the backend for the new authorizations and such, it's not a "ONE CLICK PONY" - it's like releasing a new library!

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