EL8 Preamp Collection Now Released from CDS !!!

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EL8 Preamp Collection Now Released from CDS !!!

Postby cdsoundmaster » Fri Jan 24, 2014 8:59 pm

The EL8 DE-STRESSOR PREAMP Collection for NebPro
Now Available !!!
We are pleased to announce:
The EL8 De-Stressor Preamp Collection for Nebula Pro !!!


The "EL8 DE-STRESSOR Preamp Collection" for Nebula Pro provides you with the color, tone, and sonic character of the electronics signal chain of the remarkable hardware Compressor/Limiter.

Use this collection after your favorite software compressor emulator (especially effective after an 1176-style VST) to get the complete sound of the real hardware. This fulfills the complex, rich audio texture of the real hardware with its natural frequency range and harmonic distortion over multiple dynamic volume layers.

Special Introductory Price:
From now through Monday, January 27, 2014, we are offering the
"EL8 Preamp Collection For Nebula Pro" for only $29 !!!
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