Classic phasers update 15/08/16 mix added!

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Re: Classic phasers

Postby basaristudios » Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:53 pm

I bought the Phasers last night...i love the Stone thing.
Here is a small MP3 i did with it:

Prime Total, Nebula Server 3, Scarlett 3, Amethyst 2, Aquamarine 3, Titanium, Magenta 3, Navy, Sand, Pink, Pink Compressors.
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Re: Classic phasers update 15/08/16 mix knob added!

Postby Tim Petherick » Mon Aug 15, 2016 2:29 pm

Classic phasers update 15/08/16 mix added!

I've made a little patch and modded the phasers to have a mix control, this is more useful than a dry control IMO
and also the excellent Jpn made some alternative skins

I've made two extra downloads for this labelled 15/08/16
Note, these will replace your previous files. So if you have any current projects using these let that be a warning! 8-)
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Tim Petherick
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Re: Classic phasers update 15/08/16 mix added!

Postby Mercado_Negro » Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:37 pm

Nice update, Tim! A mix control makes more sense.

I love these phasers, especially the Spirit 90 and the Stone Phase :D
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Re: Classic phasers update 15/08/16 mix added!

Postby SWANG » Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:10 am

thanks, tim...
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