SongTec From CDS Now Released !!!

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Re: SongTec From CDS Now Released !!!

Postby RJHollins » Tue Nov 19, 2013 3:00 am

OK ... had to report back on this EQ.

Having just released my first Nebula Virtual Controller, the NVC-PTeQ, along with just purchasing the SongTec EQ, it was time to play.

It was, once again, so cumbersome to just play with this equalizer ... absolutely nothing against CDS or ANY of our developers. I was back to using the Nebula interface. WOW ... did I get spoiled quickly.

I kinda liked what I heard of this library, but trying to 'fly' with it was way to much effort and broken concentration and work-flow.

So last nite I put a new NVC controller together specifically for this SongTec library.

Now with both Shelfs, Low, Mid, Hi, and the Preamp all instantly accessible, I started to really play and interact with this EQ on a test master track.

I know we all clamor for all the 'vintage color' and thick, or vibe ... but I have to tell ya....

This is one spectacular EQ !

If it adds any color ... it doesn't matter because it just sounds like it's not even there ... EXCEPT, it has all the shaping I did ... and that wonderful depth and space.

Because I was able to control ever parameter of this entire equalizer all from a central controller, I was able to both experiment AND fine tune delicate changes without having to think twice, or pull a 'walinda' move just to tease the track into shape.

I have most all the 'mastering' eq's that have been Nebulatized. This SongTec moves into a top position.
I am very happy to have all the 'colors' out there ... but many times I have mastering projects where I want to be as discreet and true to the sonics that I've been handed. And if I want to 'color it up', I have so many choices or tubes, Pres, tape, etc that can be added [if desired].

Using the NVC is an absolute joy with this EQ. I may very well break from reproducing the exact design of the hardware, and add a 2nd band of Mid-Freq EQ into the NVC GUI design. Especially since I have all 'Qs' available, I can have more options available in the critical mid-range area.

Michael ... Thank-you very much for crafting this library. Combined with the NVC, I can now appreciate why this EQ was a mastering mainstay for all these decades.

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Re: SongTec From CDS Now Released !!!

Postby biscoglio » Thu Nov 21, 2013 4:51 am

Only spent a couple minutes playing with this but it immediately put a smile on my face. Definitely gonna be one of my go to EQs and its great to have another alternative to the Maag and Mammoth for that pretty "air" I love 8-)
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Re: SongTec From CDS Now Released !!!

Postby kylen » Sat Dec 07, 2013 6:00 pm

I haven't used the hardware Sontec MEP 250-EX but I strapped the CDS nebula version across my master bus to re-balance an old mix and - wow! Talk about transparent. So far I've just used it to tame resonances at 60, 110, and 2400 using the highest Q (4). Instead of some other top notch EQs I've tried this guy just sounds like I reached into the mix and pulled down a couple of notes - nothing else sounds like it is missing, no tight Q ring or aural vertigo, no major compromises in other words. Luckily the song had resonances that were centered near the pre-selected frequencies. I guess the 250EX is also especially known for its Hi/Low shelf quality so I expect to be dazzled by that also soon. Thanks Michael for this great choice... :D
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Re: SongTec From CDS Now Released !!!

Postby mmarra » Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:52 am

Really love the SongTec on my masters as well but I do wish the shelves had 0.5 db steps like the bell programs.

Michael is there any possibility to sample the shelves in 1/2 db steps for the first few db's?
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Re: SongTec From CDS Now Released !!!

Postby cdsoundmaster » Wed Dec 11, 2013 11:33 am

Hi there.
I love it too- it makes an art form out of silk and transparency.
The shelf cannot do smaller increments than what is recorded. It is notched at center 0dB and technically does not do less than 1dB. Everything that you can do with the analog device is in the programs.

mmarra wrote:Really love the SongTec on my masters as well but I do wish the shelves had 0.5 db steps like the bell programs.

Michael is there any possibility to sample the shelves in 1/2 db steps for the first few db's?
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