NEW Boston EQ from CDS !!!

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NEW Boston EQ from CDS !!!

Postby cdsoundmaster » Thu Sep 26, 2013 11:24 am

We are pleased to announce:

This collection provides you with the multi-band instrument equalizer designed by the legendary guitarist for Boston, Tom Scholz. This is a simple, incredibly effective eq designed to handle instrument level direct input, so that it can be patched ahead of the guitar rig, and a second can be in the effect loop or after distortion/combo chain. The result is wonderful, tailored control over one's guitar sound for rhythm and lead.

Available Now !!!

From now through Thursday, October 3, 2013, we are offering
"BOSTON-GTR-EQ FOR NEBULA PRO" for only $19 !!!

http://cdsoundmaster.com/site/cds-softw ... Q-Neb.html

Make sure and check out the links on the web page.
There are free programs, manual, product literature, and some excellent audio demos with the help of Rich.

I'm going to add some fun, simple Boston harmonies to it as soon as I can finish them. I love the transformation on Rich's rhythm guitars with the eq in chain, so take a listen and enjoy!

Thanks so much and God Bless You.
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