Compessors: AITB Snap or AlexB 4KD?

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Re: Compessors: AITB Snap or AlexB 4KD?

Postby Melon_Jack » Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:09 pm

I work with rock music mostly. So CLC. Great.
And what about VBC and SC81? VBC is based on 1073 modules and SC81 on 1081, am i right?
I like the color that SC81 added to voice in AlexB demo clip. But can't say anything about VBC..
Sorry for my bad english =))
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Re: Compessors: AITB Snap or AlexB 4KD?

Postby lipa » Fri Apr 12, 2013 4:44 pm

Sorry I don't have the SC81.. VBC is very nice indeed, but as I said earlier I don't use consoles much these days. For N**e color I PERSONALLY prefer CDS N-Ten-Eighty-Four as channel eq and preamp and/or Henry Olonga Vintage 73 Preamp (!!) and Henrys` N**e (NV) QuickMix Libraries. For master bus: Henry Olonga NV Summo (modern and silky ams N**e summing box) or Chandler-Emi master bus (not N**e but very very warm and smooth sound). Of course You can combine VBC channels with Olonga Master Bus or the other way around. There are infinite options in Nebula and this is what I like the most.. combining different libraries to make nice blend of colors. ;)
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