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Re: AlexB - MPeQ released !

Postby david1103 » Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:43 pm

Hello folks
I'm relatively new in the Nebula world. And I'm really fascinated by it. I was wondering if you could give me some advice about what EQ to buy among the fantastic AlexB eqs. I'm demoing them with the available demos on line, but it is hard to decide, they all seem very good, and of course the demos have limitations. I mostly do acoustic, very sparse mixes. Acoustic guitars, vocals, some percussion, a little bass, not much else. No electronic stuff at all. I have the stock Eqs in my daw (studio one) so I'm looking for some ... personality and color, so to speak. I can only afford a couple of Eqs for now. What would be your suggestion? Thanks a lot

EDIT: just re-read the question and saw you were asking about alexb eq's, whoops, i replied about all nebula eq's, hope it is still a help to you. maybe start a new thread, this has gone well off topic for the MPeQ thread. welcome to the world of nebula!

I would first think about how many frequencies you would like in your EQ. Many libraries are fixed at set frequencies, some can allow all the frequeices in-between to be used. This seems to be the least talked about feature, but is maybe the most important. For example AlexB modern black eq has a lot of fixed choices, some other EQ's have very limited options. I personally like a good choice of fixed frequencies, easier to learn that way (for me.)

You are looking for personality and colour, do you have a favourite type of hardware sound, even sound on a recording? Do you know what you are looking for?

Once you found a bunch of EQ's that have all the frequencies you need you could divide them into tube or solid state, those are the 2 main types.

Maybe you are for or against copy protection, that is now an issue with analog in the box, they are the only company that has a challenge/response on their standard nebula libraries.

I don't like 96k down-sampled to 44.1 so much, so if you were working at 44.1 you *might* prefer to buy libraries that are sampled at 44.1 (all analog in the box) rather than sampled at 96k and re-sampled in nebula. This is controversial, some people find the down-sampling fine.

Now the most important thing of all... relax! All nebula EQ sounds excellent, I would say don't buy more than a couple and really spend some time learning them.

I have not tried them all, but if you were working at 44.1 and don't care about copy protection, then Doc Fear from analog in the box is a great choice, many choices of frequency and lovely passive valve sound that is transparent enough for all sources, but also adds something nice :)
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Re: AlexB - MPeQ released !

Postby lipa » Wed Jan 16, 2013 2:03 pm

Among Alex B eqs I find MWeq (rupert N**e) and Cleq (ssl4000) as the best and most used. Also the Pulteq is great. And of course the new Moog will be heavily used. I will send You a private message with more info.. let's stay on topic here.. (the moog eq) ;) welcome to Nebula world of analog sounds in computer!!
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Re: AlexB - MPeQ released !

Postby giomasino » Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:43 pm

Thank you guys for both answers, very very VERY useful!!!!
I realized now that my question was a bit off-topic, sorry about that. Back to the Moog .... but thanks again!!!!
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Re: AlexB - MPeQ released !

Postby vicnestE » Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:04 pm

44.1kHz libraries from AlexB are sampled under 44.1kHz instead of converted down from 96kHz if I remember correctly.

Time consuming sampling and programming.
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Re: AlexB - MPeQ released !

Postby RJHollins » Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:53 am

Back to the MPeQ ...

Just recently had the pleasure of obtaining this latest creation from AlexB.

Just briefly [till I get more time to play with this].

I received a 2-mix track of a country song to be considered for mastering. With solid Nashville players, the work tracks have been assembled at different studios, then mixed at another location.

It was sent for evaluation ... possible remix. OK.

Overall, it has a good balance. Some issue with sibilance in the lead vocal track, on the dryer side of ambiance. The bass is there, but still lacks that Nashville authority, even when understated. Not a deal breaker ... wouldn't mind remixing it myself, as a tracked and mixed plenty of both old and new Country.

I auditioned a few EQ's, and looked to get some of the flat digital sound scape more dimensional. This project never saw a piece of tape, and unlikely any analogue gear ... particularly when mixed.

The joys that NEBULA can infuse :)

Still, somethin' bout that bass [or more, just the bottom end support] was just not singin' right.

Very late in the evening ... the MPeQ arrives on my drive ... read through the manual while waiting, scan the internet to read additional pieces of info, as I had not seen, nor heard one of these bad boys in many years. I was tracking an R&B band back in the '80s, and with the introduction of MIDI fresh out, we'd have a Control Room lined with synths. Bass lines consisting of a blend of 2 - 5 synths. Two writers/performers in the group really had it together, and beside being great to work with, they also put together great tracks. This unit [or a close family member] was a part of their elaborate sound chest.

Anyway ... the MPeQ is installed, I pull up this country track. I started in the MIDs for some other reason ... just sweeping and push/pulling to get a general listen. Not really what I was expecting ... but I'll have to come back to this a another time.

Grabbed the low end EQ. Started in at 77Hz, I think Q about 1.0 or so [default]. Pushed up the fader with maybe a +4 gain .... oh my. Soon cut that back in half [+2] ... oh my. Another half and another 'oh my' ... with a smile.

I'm sorry I'm lousy at telling stories :roll:

Back and forth I'm always hitting bypass as I compare.

I get down to about .5dB and a Q of ~ .65 ... flipping through the bypass and back ... what a wonderful transformation engaging a 1/2db did to not only stabilize/solidify the entire bottom end ... but it also did this very nice thing to the lead vocal. I'll have to break out my thesaurus for that.

This was just an audition ... didn't even get to explore. Never even got to the top shelf.

You know ... there are so many EQ libraries that have been NEBULATized. At some point, when the collection grows so large, you start to feel that another EQ would be just that.

AlexB has assembled a serious collection of fine equipment. The sonic quality, along with the library organization, is second to none.

I keep saying I don't want/need to buy any more .... but I am so glad when I do :D

Oh ... I still have more playing to do with this MPeQ.
It is one I consider skipping over ... or waiting on.

From just this one listen, there is no other EQ that I've heard in other libraries that does what this did.

If it did have color ... It was so nice, I hadn't time to notice ... in a very good way. 8-)

Just thought I'd share the pleasant surprise.

Thank-you Alex !
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Re: AlexB - MPeQ released !

Postby cehas » Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:15 pm

Well, just installed the demo. The word I'd use is definitely clean. It's super clean and the bass is sounding great.

One thing, however, struct me when I put this baby on non-mastered track: dimensional. It has very subtle, but VERY nice dimensional effect, just like a little breath of life blown onto the track. I also agree with RJHollins that it somehow solidifies the low end. It just sounds good (which becomes even more apparent when you switch it off after a long time).

Top notch stuff (as usual). Will probably use this just for the 3-D effect, maybe some bass.
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Re: AlexB - MPeQ released !

Postby SWAN » Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:32 pm

RJHollins wrote:Pushed up the fader with maybe a +4 gain .... oh my. Soon cut that back in half [+2] ... oh my. Another half and another 'oh my' ... with a smile.

50 Shades of MPeQ
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Re: AlexB - MPeQ released !

Postby gurth » Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:40 pm

cehas wrote:50 Shades of MPeQ


still laughing....
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Re: AlexB - MPeQ released !

Postby lipa » Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:52 pm

I too have noticed nice clean (going towards "thick") sound with 3D effect going on. Bass is great! So are the mid cuts.. I found that the curves are tricky to get to know them. Width control is very sensitive (which is a good thing), and if I cut some mids, the upper frequency of this filter always gets accentuated as if a little resonance was going on (e.g. cutting 600hz with width set that this cut starts at 300 and ends at 1200 hz - the 1200-1300 hz will get much more "attention" as if the 1000-1200hz was cut more than 600hz..). It's a bit strange at first (when first sweeping width control) but offers great possibilities of shaping sound using just one band of eq. Overall.. I think it is the best Alex B eq creation so far. Thank You Alex! :P
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Re: AlexB - MPeQ released !

Postby mr.tele » Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:35 am

Finally got around to testing the demo of this EQ. :shock: :o :D ! This is possibly the nicest EQ I've ever used on bass frequencies. I tried it on a stereo drum kit mix, and just a half db at a .5 Q gave the kick such a nice round sound and added great punch and clarity without affecting the rest of the kit in any negative way. Truly a must have! I have to wait a few days till I can buy it. :(
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