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Re: Fundraising - Lots of Libraries for Sale!

Postby cactuseskimo » Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:52 pm

Quite the thread I started here. It's not my wish to undermine any developers, but if I purchased a product from them, and there's no EULA agreement keeping me from re-selling, then I guess my purchase is mine to re-sell. FWIW, I can't seem to find any EULA for CDS stuff, but I have respected Michael's wishes and removed the CDS libraries from the list (although they were the most expensive - doh!)

Buying discounted "2nd" hand libraries is the incentive that made me take the plunge into the Nebula world. I have since purchased various products from most of the devs, so it ended up being a good thing for the Nebula community as a whole. These libraries are ones I just don't use, so hopefully they will help introduce others into the Nebula fold as well.

You guys are extremely generous with your offers to just plain offer support, but please let me give you something in return. I started a personal music page a bit ago that I will be slowly adding mp3's to. There's only one on there right now, and any proceeds (it's pay what you want, or nothing at all) have been directed to World Vision so far, but I will direct any Nebula Community purchases to this endeavor. Here's the page:


Oh, and yes I am a Christ Follower. Yes, I like helping people. No, I do not use that as part of a hidden agenda. I respect free choice.
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Re: Fundraising - Lots of Libraries for Sale!

Postby ngarjuna » Thu Nov 29, 2012 4:18 am

Just wanted to wish a good luck in your major life change. I recently picked up and moved after basically 35+ years in one place hoping to find some good engineering work (after struggling to make it in the anemic midwestern engineering market in question many years ago I moved into IT which can be lucrative but is not rewarding in the same ways); it was a big struggle, there were times I wondered if I was going to end up having to do something else, but in the end it worked out. That was after watching my 60 year old father decide he would get a PhD and teach college, because he'd always wanted to do that really. And it worked out very well for him. Of course it never goes quite as envisioned but as long as you have your goal clearly in mind you can usually traverse whatever wrinkles might pop up along the way.

Here's to yours going even smoother!
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