How does the R2R tape library

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Re: How does the R2R tape library

Postby norburybrook » Wed Apr 21, 2010 11:56 am

Grim wrote:Hi Michael.

Could you go into any more detail? Just 3 pages of A4 is a little lightweight. :D

Seriously good info & very very helpful...Have printed out for a re-read later to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Thanks again.

LOL, I agree.Thanks Michael, I've just bought the R2R so this is all valuable info especially the conbination with Alex b's consoles as I think ATM it's probably the best/most popular use of the current commercial libs.

thanks again for everyones great work in this community.

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Re: How does the R2R tape library

Postby futur2 » Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:48 am

cdsoundmaster wrote:Hi there,

as long as things are working right for you (aka not a technical issue with the DAW and Nebula), then I think it is just getting familiar with the subtle nature of these programs. It shouldn't be an extremely huge change to the sound. But, to test the concept, from R2R load one of the Wollensak Sony or Akai programs. You should immediately notice a sound change. If you don't you must either be in bypass, something not working, or you may need to increase the rate cnvt in Nebula to allow changing/loading from 96kHz rates. Someone else should advise on that, as I don't know the perfect settings for this except that the minimum value will not load all programs. I have mine set to 9000ms and that is probably too high:)

But, if you loaded one of those and heard the difference, then try lowering your output fader a few dB and raising the input fader a few dB and now listen while you raise the drive. It should hit a point where it gets more extreme and obvious. If it isn't, please ask Giancarlo if there are settings to try specific to your daw.

Many of the best preamps, tapes, etc will remain very subtle to the ear until layered in a dense mix, at which point you notice the most analog effect. Items like TapeBooster+ are specifically there to add more noticeable quantifiable volume saturation on top of the subtle complex character. If you tried something like tapeBooster+ +2dB and rendered 3 times and couldn't hear a difference, then something is definitely not working.

Let me know it this helps out.

skyvalley wrote:thanks CDSoundMaster! great post!

the only one question for me is now, how the drive knob alters the sound (what i read from your post that this should give more or less harmonic content).

but even when a -1db signal goes into the R2R program the sound doesn't change from the drive knob -30db to + 30db. do i have to change some other parametes in nebula 3 pro reverb to get it "work"?
(this is not only related to your programs, there are no sound changes in some programs of the comercial library when playing around with the drive knob) :?:

anyone could help me please?

Barendse wrote:Skyvalley, put on your headphones and change the drive from maximum to minimum and back to maximum a few times. This way you can hear clearly the effect of changing the drive.

I rarely touch the drive slider myself by the way.

i just tested the drive slider on the wollensack and lafayette programs with some loud mix. it's so subtle that i had a very hard time to even recognize it. does not make much sense to touch it. and no i'm not deaf, my monitoring and my headphones are more than decent and my nebula works just fine!
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