Behind the Kernel (#7 - July 2012)

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Behind the Kernel (#7 - July 2012)

Postby enriquesilveti » Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:55 am

Alessandro Boschi from AlexB interviewed

Acustica Audio: How did you know about Acustica Audio and Nebula?

Alessandro Boschi: Years ago when I looked for a good sounding plugin with google.

Acustica Audio: Which feature you look into gear before get sampled?

Alessandro Boschi: Basically the good and particular sound then if I can improve it.

Acustica Audio: How you handle the noise during the sampling process?

Alessandro Boschi: With right matching and levels.

Acustica Audio: Tell us the main differences between the Modern Console libraries and Vintage Console libraries. Does the sampling process change?

Alessandro Boschi: The sampling process are the same accurate for all libraries.

Acustica Audio: Tell us the main features from Tape and Saturators FX library. Is the sampling process different from a teal open reel tape?

Alessandro Boschi: The sampling process is different for every gear but the accuracy to reproduce the audio characteristics more close at the hardware it is the main goal for me. TSX is really good for analog vibe and saturation.

Acustica Audio: How you handle the process and creation of 76D Dynamics Collection FET Comps library?

Alessandro Boschi: Like for every hardware which I go to sampling, the compressors has been refurbished and calibrated. After a long break-in for the new electronic components the units are ready for the first measuring test and finally for the sampling.

Acustica Audio: Which studio configuration do you use. ITB, OTB or Hybrid?

Alessandro Boschi: I have a modest hybrid studio using Nebula as plugin and some hardware and an homemade console.

Acustica Audio: Why Vintage SideCar81 Console and German Mastering Console libraries are under mastering section?

Alessandro Boschi: I have built the SC81 for a tecno-DJ which has need it for mastering in stems, the GMC is a famous console used for mastering Pink Floyd and a lot of music by '80.

Acustica Audio: Are you thinking in release any Nebula library in Acqua FX format?

Alessandro Boschi: Maybe in the future.

Acustica Audio: Tell us some more about your hardware upgrade service.

Alessandro Boschi: Today the audio hardware is built with standard components which are cheap, so we have a cheap sound also even if it comes form top notch factory. So we can improve the sound in all audio hardware. The vintage hardware can be returned at him excellent original sound by refurbishing the components.

Acustica Audio: Do you use external DSP processing?

Alessandro Boschi: No, I'm pleased by Nebula only.

Acustica Audio: Do you think that audio engineering is better today?

Alessandro Boschi:Technology improve every day so audio engineering improves. I think that the problem is the commercial law. Nowadays industries produce audio gear with cheap components which impact the sound in a bad way and the people don't think at this but: hey it's **** and then it sounds good!

Acustica Audio: Did you have formal study in audio engineering?

Alessandro Boschi: Yes, in audio, electronics and music, besides more than twenty years of experience in the electronics and telecommunications.

Thank you Alessandro Bosch!
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