Nebula 3 Pro ver. 1.3.502 in H******* Mixbus

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Re: Nebula 3 Pro ver. 1.3.502 in H******* Mixbus

Postby Melon_Jack » Tue Mar 12, 2013 4:51 pm

enriquesilveti wrote:
Same there. In logic - 8 instances of nebula and SLLOOOOOWOWWWWDOOOOOOOOOooooWWWnnnnnn.. Or CPU Spikes. In Reaper - 15 instances, and... nothing) Works like a charm)

Bad core balance, almost all sequencer has this problem.

As i can tell - not the Reaper. Perfect balancing. At least with 20 instances of Nebula right now. Through system cores monitoring - All cores ar perfectly loaded.)
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Re: Nebula 3 Pro ver. 1.3.502 in H******* Mixbus

Postby cpwade » Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:08 am

cpwade wrote:I bought it. The sound is awesome and to hell with the nay sayers. It's a great finalizer. I don't use neb with it. And I sure don't try and mix /edit with it. Yikes. (although adour 3 is about to surface)

I go from:

PT10 (tracking. -Because of my legacy hardware, 24 I/O yum!)
Logic (arrange and sculpt song)

PT10 Mix -apply Neb console, preamps, tape et al (color) off line in Audio Suite via Nomad Magma VST bridge, then some to active track during mix down (can't batch an eq) via fxpansion VST to RTAS.
(I really want Vienna Ensemble Pro.. drool)

Note: Nomad Magma. The plugs are terrible but the bridge is amazing, VST to RTAS and AS in a heartbeat. Killer. I use the demo :P , it gives 30 minutes before it starts muting and that's enough time to render off line 120 tracks of nebula love) Don't forget to save as the demo won't.

H******* Mixbus finalize- comp, light limit, side chain, parallel process, eq touches, bounce out.
(like running through hardware at the end-a sweetener) Don't try and load NEB in HMB, at this stage, according to this sequence, you won't need it and should be done with that part. Besides, it will crash. :roll:

PT10 (premaster) multiband (McDSP) if needed, Oxford limit, dither.

Best wishes and have fun.

Note: Ben Loftis and his team are good people. Whatever they have done here is magic. The skepticism come from /about Ardour. That's ok to feel that way. You have to respect the vision.

Right. I'm quoting myself. Anyway, I just finished 83 pre-masters using mixbus at the end of the process. I'll link up those songs soon in my sig. I'm here to recant my comments about the DAW as a whole. It's actually really great, stable, sexy and I've expanded past the "bounce and sum" one night stand mentality. Most of my issues were pilot error, it hates track pads, and real verifiable UI issues (small stuff though) It's really great. Looking forward to V3. That and neb, home run, might even not bother fixing my reel at this stage. ITB is the bomb finally. I still write/arrange in Logic and track in Tools, but I've owned MB for awhile now and finally dug in. Great stuff! (PS- I never did buy magma and uninstalled the demo. nah. Not the answer. I think Vienna Ensemble is) Fickle I know.
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Re: Nebula 3 Pro ver. 1.3.502 in H******* Mixbus

Postby richie43 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 9:29 am

Bought H******* at the end of that sale. I like it as a "summing plugin", but I haven't decided if it really is doing anything that I can't do with nebula anyway.... but I am liking the change of pace. It's like the times I want to warp my brain on guitar and I re-tune all of my guitars and basses to different (and sometimes made up) open tunings, it forces me to re-learn and re-think the instrument... I have been Reaper only for a while now, and H******* has some interesting limits that force me to make decisions much like using analog gear. But I have not gotten Nebula to work yet.... As was said already, I get errors and H******* crashes. I look forward to that getting worked out, but maybe am also glad because it is yet another layer of it being a change.
Does anyone know if there is a way to use the plugins that H******* recognizes but will not use due to "too many inputs"? I took the time to locate and download some 32bit versions of some of my favorite plugins (my Reaper set-up is almost all 64bit), but some of the compressors and verbs show up as having 4 inputs in H******* and it won't use the plugins.....
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