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Newbie questions

Postby Jankowiz » Sun Sep 26, 2010 7:09 am


I am new to Nebula. I just tried free version and now I have some questions.

Is there a complete list of what is available for Nebula sampled?

I think I nead to buy a Nebula for use more impulses - I understood that right?

I am amazed with this D.Fear preset - what is that and is there more of this EQ?

What is the difference in Nebula versions? Is Nebula2 as good as the rest? It is not expensive version2. COuld i start serious with this?

Thanks for answers and excuser my english please! :oops:

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Re: Newbie questions

Postby Mimi » Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:45 am

Welcome, family nebula...
My english is terrible too ... But the google translator helps.
I bought, nebula3 pro bundle, and advise is the best engine and more modern, diverse library.
And the best banks are in: AlexB consoles, you ride, a virtual mixer with inputs and outputs, and equalized first.
cdsoundmaster tapes with fabulous, and analogueinthebox, with equalized for masters and other.
I'm from Brazil and bought it and am living a love affair with the nebula.
Acquired with various libraries, which use the most is: neve1073 AlexB e analogueinthebox, and VBC console Alexb.
You can buy without fear, I did it and I'm happy.
Wavesplugins sent to the neck of the devil, I hate waves.
Working with protools and nebula is fantastic.
I have some posts with music here in this forum.
welcome to the family nebula, and a big hug my friend.
Miriam Marcelo.

Women's team of Brazilian music production. :lol: :lol:
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Re: Newbie questions

Postby Jankowiz » Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:44 am

Thank you for the welcome Mimi!

I have not had much time last weeks but now I have. Time to buy that thing. :D :D I am thinking on selling my old UAD1 cards that waste my computer slots.
I am after this N**e sound and I see there is much available with Nebula. How does Nebula impulse compare to UAD? WIth free version I see it needs many power but I hope I can run more on it CPU than with my old UAD1. And it is not so expensive compared with upgrading to UAD2 8-)

Oh, upgrading:
I have not made decision if buy Nebula2 or this 3 version. Can I pay upgrade later? Or have I pay everything if starting with Nebula2?

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