Reaper Crash (With Pic)

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Re: Reaper Crash (With Pic)

Postby scooter » Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:17 pm

Dale! You are the f'n MAN! Thanks bro!

I still think I've got some Mobo or RAM issues, concerning Windows7 showing what's usable is not the full amount installed.

But man.... you've given me gear envy and the motivation for more upgrades! :twisted:

Can you recommend an SSD?


Prefect_X wrote:You WILL get rock-solid performance going back to Windows XP -- it just has to be the 64bit edition. ;)

I've been using XP Pro x64 SP2 for years after running out of RAM while playing Supreme Commander, but never since. I regularly chew up 4 to 6 Gig of RAM on projects in Reaper 64bit without any glitches, but to get even MORE performance out of your machine, you could move the OS, programs, DLL's and your swap file to a SSD. You will be amazed at the difference in response time. :idea:

Also, if your using a lot of sample-based VSTi's (but as long as you are NOT using the E-MU Emulator-X3 sampler) you could migrate your samples to a standard HDD RAID-0 array, too. It's easy and cheap to do. Just don't keep your projects on a RAID-0 array unless you do backups daily, because recovering files from a broken array will either be painful and time-consuming, or expensive -- depending on your experience level.

- Dale L
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Re: Reaper Crash (With Pic)

Postby Prefect_X » Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:42 am

A year ago I would have said, "OCZ Vertex drives were the BOMB! Don't be distracted by anything else!!!" However, some months ago my supplier convinced me to try the Corsair NOVA series SSD's that they were selling much cheaper than OCZ Vertex'x (at comparible sizes), and I would have to say that they are pretty much on a par performance-wise, just a lot cheaper. It uses the same "Indilinx" controller as OCZ's Vertex series, so you should expect similar results.


Please remember though, if you are buying SSD's, the 120/128Gb drives are the fastest. The 64/60Gb are slower, and 32/30Gb drives are even slower again, but ironically the 128/120's seem to outperform the 256/240Gb drives for some reason. (According to the online reviews.)

Check out the review for yourself at:

http://benchmarkreviews.com/index.php?o ... &Itemid=60

-- Dale L
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