need help, still can't get started

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need help, still can't get started

Postby jeffpailer » Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:26 am

Unfortunately after emails w a very patient and helpful Giancarlo , and a second key I just can't get started. My name does not show up under "DISK" and no emulations appear in skin. I think all the right files are in NEBULATEMPREPOSITORY but not really sure. Also I now have 3 Nebulatemprepository files, one of which is neb3 free...so I think I've made a mess of things. I wondering if someone would be able to do a screen share ( I'm willing to pay for your time w pay pal if needed) to check my files/vst files and help me figure this out. ....The last think I have done is to put key, vectors, programs, and emulations into two temprepositories...I now get skin with "acustica loader"...all #s show "ok" except #8 which says "program #0 not valid". Thank God my musical abilities are better than my computer skills. Thanks, Jeff
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Re: need help, still can't get started

Postby scottkane » Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:52 pm

hey try to install the key then reinstall the libraries
it worked for me some time
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Re: need help, still can't get started

Postby Len511 » Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:31 am

It should be nebuladepository. The intitial installer will first ask you your vst path, and then it will ask where to install the libraries if I remember correctly. The key is more than just a picture, it is an installer, so you have to click on it to install the key, the libraries also come with an installer that you click on and you check which libraries from the list you wish to install. Your vst path or vst plugin folder should be the one under the daw you will use them for, I use cubase, so the vst plugin folder under cubase is what I use, though I have other vst folders for wavelab,steinberg, etc. I have 2 nebuladepositories, one for the vst path within cubase, and one on a different drive where I store the libraries. My guess is that you probably didn't click on the key to install it,I didn't at first,lol, and just try clicking on the installers instead of manually moving folders around, it doesn't seem to mind how many times you install, I never saw multiple installations of the same programs. Install all is the default, but if you uncheck it you don't have to install everything again each time you get a new library, you can just check the new libraries. The library installers are a brown box with three colored lights. There is usually one in a each library folder. I hope this helps, it's usually standard operating procedure for me, when I download anything a little different to make every mistake there is before I get everything sorted. I even learned what rar files were (similiar to zip) but needed to get trial program to unzip them. I always thought they were mac files and that was why I couldn't open them,lol!
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