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VST3 Wrapper

Postby brp » Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:29 am


a vst3 version of nebula would be killer because of the sidechain routing!!

i know that g dont like to make so much different versions of nebula, which i can understand really. so i thought then if it would be possible to create a kind of wrapper which would route the sidechain signal of the vst3 interface to input 3/4 of nebula.

would this be possible, would this be simple to code, is here a kind programmer who would like to do such a cool tool for us, or would you giancarlo like to do so???

...i know, i know, i just shouldn't be so lazy and do the additional work to setup my sidechains by quadchannelroutings... but hey, its allways time which could used to be creative!!!

all the best
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