Tips for a Nebula newbie???

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Tips for a Nebula newbie???

Postby minerman » Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:31 am

Hey everybody,
Anyone got any tips for a newbie for using Nebula with lots of amp sims & VSTi drums? I've been recording for almost 2 years now, but only recently started using Nebula (free version, if I can learn to use it, will upgrade...). I use amp sims & VSTi drums, it would be impossible for me to use the real things, even if I had them. Would I use Nebula before the amp sim, after or both? I understand I'll probably need to "freeze" my tracks (I usually do this anyway, I have a quad core, but there's no sense in abusing my PC :lol: ). Same question for the drums too, how/what would I use (eq, tape sim, etc), & in what order?. Also, can anyone give me an example of how I would "chain" a few instances of Nebula on the master buss (with freebie Nebula programs, of couse..)? Thanks in advance!!!!
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Re: Tips for a Nebula newbie???

Postby lordnielson » Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:41 pm

Experiment. What you're asking is within reason impossible to answer. People have different ways of doing/hearing things.

You can't really insert a Nebula eq instead of a vst plugin. In fact I don't think you can "replace" any of your vst plugins with a corresponding Nebula instance. But you can eventually change a lot of your habits and tools to incorporate Nebula into your work flow.

Try opening various Nebula programs and see what they do for you and your music.

I've used these and would say that they sound a lot better than any sim I've had the displeasure of abusing.
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