Early reflections in the EAR library?

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Early reflections in the EAR library?

Postby dagovitsj » Wed Oct 05, 2016 9:51 pm

I wonder if there are any ER (Early Reflection) presets in the EAR libary? I have the whole library, but can't find any info about this in the manuals, only a list of different presets.

Seems like two members here on the forum have been beta testers (richie43 and Arne (trollclassics)). Perhaps you or Mirco could share some light about this?

1) Are there any ER presets in the EAR library, or are all the presets the tail-part of the reverb? If not, will the EAR library be updated with these ER presets if they exists?

2) I'm experimenting with EAR to "fake" an ER part together with a preset of a tail. I'm putting EAR Large Ambience 1 on one buss (ER) and EAR Dunham Hall on another buss (tail) - and it sounds OK, but I really don't know what these Large Ambience presets are. Are they ER of large spaces? It would be nice to have some more details about this if possible?

3) How do you work with the EAR library? Is it common to use one of the ambience presets as the ER part and use another preset (Halls, rooms, etc) as the tail-part of the reverb?

Does any use a combination of for example Nimbus and EAR?

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