Mixing with Nebula Alex B S!L 4000 and UAD 4000 Strip

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Mixing with Nebula Alex B S!L 4000 and UAD 4000 Strip

Postby SOUTHmixer » Mon May 23, 2016 6:12 pm

I will be purchasing Nebula with some Alex B 4K programs next month. Does anybody know what will happen if I combine his programs with the UAD S*L plugins? Will this affect the sound in a negative or positive way?
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Re: Mixing with Nebula Alex B S!L 4000 and UAD 4000 Strip

Postby keedie » Mon May 23, 2016 9:20 pm

Only speaking for myself, I purchased Alex B's S*L 4k console and dynamics first before the eq set. I do not own any UAD plugs so I can't speak in regards to them, but if this is any consolation to your situation. I was given three rock songs to mix tracked through a F*******e interface I believe, all consisted of drums, bass and electric guitar with some midi percussion and a few samples delivered in 44.1k wav files.
I used Alex's console and dynamic sets on all channels and busses plus DMG's Equilibrium as my EQ of choice,it is precise and clean for the most part. All I can say that I was thoroughly surprised by the results. I got that mid centric sound that S*L is known for using Equilibrium's 4k presets. I was happy that the weight of console and dynamics still shined like expected. I have many hours on S*L's, in particular the 4000 G+. Although its preamp, EQ and filter section have never been my faves in regards mojo. I think you could possibly get away with achieving a decent S*L sound using UAD, but the cost will be a less euphonic/open sound-stage using their algo. Like I said earlier, Equilibrium was kinda a happy accident especially after tweaking the DSP and window shape parameters a bit. The client was happy with the mixes which is all that matters to me. Later, I picked the EQ set since I had the money and the world came together.

I am very curious about this as well, please post your findings using UAD with Alex B. if you decide to purchase them.
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Re: Mixing with Nebula Alex B S!L 4000 and UAD 4000 Strip

Postby dhatadi » Wed Jul 27, 2016 3:37 am

I've had good success using AlexB programs for colour, and UAD plugins for control. Specifically, the UAD S*L E channel strip and G bus compressor. Combine that with AlexB 4KC consoles and 4KD dynamics (with threshold set to max), and you get the best of both worlds -- easy control and great colour!
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