Audio Spikes and Mutes in PT11 with Bluecat Patchwork

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Audio Spikes and Mutes in PT11 with Bluecat Patchwork

Postby markgalup » Sat Apr 16, 2016 12:08 am

Hi there,

When I load up a Bluecat Patchwork with approximately 3 instances of consoles (to A/B them), and I copy (SHIFT+ drag) the plugin to new tracks, it very often causes the meter to spike to like 170dB peaks (what the meters read) and stay full. Then the audio is muted for about 10 seconds, and then slowly the meters go down and once they are all the way down, audio starts to pass again. This happens mainly when I am not playing audio (while transport is stopped.)

I am on a 2010 Mac Pro dual 6-core 3.33ghz Xeons, 16gb ram, OSX 10.9.5, Pro Tools 11 non-HD, and I am running full resolution Nebula Reverb instances (created by Nebula Setups).

Enrique please advise and thanks for your time!

Mark Galup
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Re: Audio Spikes and Mutes in PT11 with Bluecat Patchwork

Postby Support » Mon Apr 18, 2016 9:57 am

Best regards,
Enrique Silveti.
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