Using Nebula Server with two computers

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Using Nebula Server with two computers

Postby SoundForSoul » Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:26 pm

Long story short, I am a new user of Nebula and I became quickly addicted in the manner that I can't mix and master without it. The downfall is that it can drag the CPU to its knees in no time.
I have bought the Nebula Server thinking that I could split the processing power between my two macs, a mac pro and a macbook pro (both with i7 cpus ~ 3.2 Ghz ).
When I run the Nebula Server application on the server (the laptop), while the Local computer (running Logic Pro X 10.1) is already pretty Cpu heavy loaded - I got to load the server application to around 20 % before glitches and start/stops start to occur.
Initially I thought that I could use both machines at their full CPU capacity but it seems that only the Local one ( the one running Logic can be used till about the 80-90% of the CPU is used), while the server (the laptop barely hits the 20% before problems occur. They are networked via ethernet using a 2m long CAT 6 cable. (I have tried with a crossover one with the same results).
What's your experience so far regarding sharing the processing power between two computers using Nebula Server ? - is it really helpful, or only the latest cpu (Haswell for example) would be a better answer to work with as many instances of Nebula as possible, instead of sharing resources among two computers with older i7 processors?
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