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Postby koda » Tue Mar 04, 2014 8:21 pm

Just to discusse the new features and other things listed here:

I just discovered that topic and think that is simply AMAZING all you wrote in the last 2 months.
It's great that now you can do this full time and it HAS TO BE that wat since your idea is so great that it's impossible it's not a full time job and achieves worldwide recognition.

Also about the new nebula version coming out:
b) nebula and acqua could now load more chained nebulas inside. And if you don't believe me and you have a smartphone android/iphone just install "tomting" and follow "giancarlo". There is a video about trinityeq, which is an incoming and wonderful product which will be a game changed and the first of a long list of amazing products.

This is the biggest step. Welcome the future.
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