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Acustica64 folder

Postby bottom1 » Thu Oct 10, 2013 1:21 pm

So I preformed another fresh install for the 10th time an still have issues and questions.... I started with 1.3.492... Upgraded to 1.3.505... Once I upgraded to 1.3.600, a new folder was created called Acustica64... Any plug in in the Acustic64 crashes Cubase 7.0.6 and I locks up with the warning "Master Ko: master descriptor not found (Nebula3.xml)... Please see attached... So next I upgraded to 1.3.601... And the upgraded both Nebula3 Server x64 1.3.602 and Nebula3 Server vstgui3 x64... Please see attached photo...

Question what is the purpose of the Acustica64 folder if it doesn't work, and how come only Nebula3 1.3.601 shows up as the version when I upgraded to Nebula3 Server x64 1.3.602?
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Re: Acustica64 folder

Postby enriquesilveti » Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:30 pm

You should read and check folder path, before click, from installers. Last Nebula installation make an extra repository folder and can not find some core files. You can fix it comping both folders and editing master page .XMLs files DATAPATH tag, or install last setup 1.3.602.


1. Backup everything
2. Uninstall everything
3. Install Nebula from a setup version 1.3.602
4. Upgrade to Server 1.3.602 if you own it
5. Reinstall you personal key
6. Test in your VST/AU host
7. Move your libraries from backup to repository.
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