Issue with Stereo Field using Nebula Reverb Programs

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Issue with Stereo Field using Nebula Reverb Programs

Postby mappel » Fri Jul 12, 2013 4:20 pm

Hi everyone,

I have some issues regarding the stereo field of nebula reverb programs (that happens with every reverb library, so I think it's a Nebula issue, that can be tweaked?)

I'm setting up a fx-chain (in Cubase), where I feed a delay signal into nebula reverb program (same channel: first insert the delay, second the nebula program, with dry wet 50 50%)

in this example, the delayed signal is panned left... the problem is, that nebula doesn't seem to use the whole stereo depth any longer, only a part of the left side is getting "reverbed" .. it's not spread into the whole stereo field... I hope I explain this well, kind of complicated... when I use Valhalla Room as the 2nd Reverb unit in the chain for example, the wet part of the left-delayed signal is spreading across the whole depth of the stereo field...
Can I tweak Nebula to still apply the wet reverb part to the whole stereo field?
Thanks for helping out!
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Re: Issue with Stereo Field using Nebula Reverb Programs

Postby giancarlo » Fri Jul 12, 2013 9:50 pm

which programs are you using? In order to test stereo field start from program "init".
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