I need some great recommendations for some new 3rd prty libs

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I need some great recommendations for some new 3rd prty libs

Postby Scottf » Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:27 am

Im about to start building my collection of third party librarys,
Ive looked at some of these creaters site but to be honest I dont know
whats essential and whats what

For some first time purchases,you can say with a bugget of 150euro for now, what are the obvious good ones to have that cry out to be tried

looking for anything here; compressers, eqs so on the works

Im totally lost right now, and would like some good recommendations for a starting point,
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Re: I need some great recommendations for some new 3rd prty

Postby ngarjuna » Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:23 pm

I would like to say that this list has mostly grown out of what gets used out of a large and ever-growing collection of Nebula libraries. I don't hold by "best" in too many categories as preference seems to dictate a lot of how useful something is. That said, these are the programs that I seem to reach for the most:

Favorite Compressors-
Smooth 609A Bus Compressor (Cupwise) - My go to bus compressor; if you like 33609s you're gonna love this thing
Slick 9K Compressor (Cupwise) - I think this is my favorite "S*L compressor" plugin period. The AlexB 4000 library is also very good (and has Auto release) but lately I've been using the 9K more
DTE Master Comp (AlexB) - part of the TSX library) - total gem, no adjustable attack/release, pretty much just a threshold but a very balanced processor
76D (AlexB) - you won't get growling attacks like a real '76 on fastest settings but it's still an excellent library (imo it's worth it just for the line amp programs to use with other '76 emus [I tend to use the IKM one for fast attack '76ing])
Fate Compressor (AITB) - kind of old and fussy sounding, capable of serious cream
Fenix (AlexB) - beefy, girthy, tubey; clean or driven
T******h (AlexB) - very tubey and warm lots of pleasant rolloff

Compressors Of Note-
Henry Olonga's Mojo programs are worth it if you use non-Nebula emus (I use the LA-2A and 670 Mojos with the IKM plugs all the time)
Rayphlex (Cupwise) - this one is not a personal favorite but it seems to be the favorite of many, would be criminal not to mention it
KultKomp (Gemini) - I haven't taken the opportunity to try this one out yet but it's getting smoking reviews here and on other forums

PoolTek (AlexB) - EQP-1A tube; I've never tried Michael's solid state 1AS (it's on my list!) but I'd say one of the Hi/Lo Pultecs is worth being near the top of anyone's list.
Black Master EQ (AlexB) - Precise, careful, lovely. I never thought my primary mastering EQ would have no adjustable width but there you go, I probably grab for it most often
Vintage Black EQ (AlexB) - my favorite hardware EQ becomes one of my favorite Nebula EQs
APQ (AITB) - a great complement to the A series model (I think it's the B series?), the preamps in this set are killer too
Mammoth (AITB) - great and versatile passive EQ
Doc Fear (AITB) - doesn't have the widest selection of functions in terms of boost/cut/shelf/peak/etc. but what it does it really does well
BXQ (CDSoundmaster) - for lows and highs this is generally my go to*(I didn't have the Pultec when I wrote this originally but I still mostly alternate between PTQ and BXQ for Hi/Lo duties)
Yourei Filters (Cupwise) - both sets, great great filters
Mastering Pack (CDSoundmaster) - might be overkill if you're not otherwise interested in the package contents but these filters are pretty special; it comes with several other useful (and somewhat out of the ordinary) EQs as well
Cooltec2 (CDSoundmaster) - The Pultec MEQ-5 (mid range), it's another Pultec done by a great dev; kind of sells itself, right?!
Silk EQ (Tim P) - Classic Siemens hi/lo, very well sampled; this is a new EQ so it doesn't have the popularity of some of the older well loved libraries but it's a really great EQ (and a great Nebula library)

Vintage Blue Console (AlexB) - overall my favorite flavor, perfect for just about everything I want to throw it on
Tried-N-True (CDSoundmaster) - for punchy I prefer it vastly to the CLC (though some definitely prefer the CLC)
Globe (CDSoundmaster) - hard to describe...great shaping tool that can really make lows and highs pop
Modern Black Console (AlexB) - very colorful in a nice way without being overbearing and obnoxious
German Mastering Console (AlexB) - adds girth and heft without crapping up the frequencies; also comes with a very nice and useful EQ (with a great HPF)
Custom BBC Console (CDSoundmaster) - very even handed, provides many of the benefits of the other consoles without as much frequency skew and coloration

In order to get the most bang for your buck in terms of tape you need 3 things really: 1) a machine library (APX, R2R, NagT, etc.), 2) Tapebooster+ (which allows you to dial in how much of the distortion you want of the pleasant sounding saturating sort) and 3) VTM-M2 which is a non-Nebula third party plugin by CDSoundmaster which handles the compression element of tape. With these three stages you'll have the very best sounding tape emu available in my opinion. It's incredible. You can skip any of the stages; on some of our sessions where we can't have Nebula running we'll use just the VTM-M2 and it adds a lot by itself (likewise just a good machine library); but if tape emulation interests you just go ahead and do yourself a favor and jump in.
Machine Libraries -
Apex Tape (CDSoundmaster) - Ampex line. The MM1100 is incredible for mixing and the ATR-102 is incredible for everything. The 351 is a legend and the 602 preamp was indeed a pleasant surprise
Reel 2 Real (CDSoundmaster) - 2 essential machines imo (Studer 800 and 820) and a TON of great situational pieces; stuff like the '50s Wollensak gets a lot more use than I would have thought (and I have an actual 1515 sitting about 20 feet away so that's saying something)
NagTape (Rhythminmind) - a fabulous and famous machine in its own right; this manages to fill the niche (for me) of being somewhat a blend between the punch of an Ampex and the sweetness of a Studer
Tape Distortion -
Tapebooster+ (CDSoundmaster)
Tape Compression -
VTM-M2 (CDSoundmaster)

And, since this is Nebula, I have to mention Reverbs don't I?
EMT (VNXT) - One of if not the most popular Nebula program ever
EAR Reverbs (AITB) - I've gotten a ton of use out of the Halls and Rooms already (it's a fairly new library), they sound crazy good and they're big, versatile libaries (broken up into four parts: Rooms, Halls, Plates and Others iirc)
Producer's Pack (CDSoundmaster) - some great rooms in here too and the hall is quite good too
GLA (Gene Lennon) - really like the sound of some of these programs

I'm sure I've managed to leave out some all-time classics but that's what comes to mind immediately.
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Re: I need some great recommendations for some new 3rd prty

Postby Scottf » Fri Jun 28, 2013 10:42 am

thats a real great detailed and descriptive list, very helpful.
really apreciate the effort there.
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Re: I need some great recommendations for some new 3rd prty

Postby enriquesilveti » Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:41 am

Very nice!
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Re: I need some great recommendations for some new 3rd prty

Postby SWAN » Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:00 pm

good work ngarjuna :)
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