nebula nonreverb version is crashing my daw – why?

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nebula nonreverb version is crashing my daw – why?

Postby dwagrimm » Wed Dec 26, 2012 1:51 pm

following problem: Giancarlo is suggestion to use only the nebula reverb version for best stability result. this is what I´m doing up to this days but now I read more and more in this forum some library developers suggest to use the nebula nonreverb version for there own comp librarys and I know for my self the nonreverb version is handling the comp lib´s realy better. It sounds better. so, I want to use now the nonreverb version for the comps but no chance, this is crashing my daw. why?

I´ve done a lot (realy a lot) of tests in the last 3 days. I dont find a solution. here some details:

computer basic:
Windows 7 professional SP1 64 Bit PC
Q6600 CPU on ASUS P5E Board
8 GB Ram
Audio card buffer 1024 (max)

software basic:
Studio One 64 Bit Version 2.5
song with 44,1 kHz, 16 bit with 32 bit float
Nebula reverb version with dsp 2048 setting
Nebula nonreverb version with dsp 4096 setting

if I use one of my latest songs. for example 4 audio and 10 midi tracks. on each track an algo pan plugin, an algo leveler plugin and an algo level meter. all are host plugins. On some tracks maybe 1 or 2 other algo host plugins like a delay or room and on 2 tracks a sir2 plugin. plus 5 complete deactivated midi tracks with the 3 first basic plugins, a sir2 plugin plus 7 nebula reverb plugins per track. all deactivated. no use. the cpu use is 20-25 % and the ram use is 2,90 gb.
if I open now a nebula nonreverb version on a track, every thing is working fine. the song plays, no problems. but in the same moment I open up a library, the song stops playing and the daw is crashing. if I load the library if the song is stopped, I can start the song, they starts to play but after 1 or 2 seconds the daw is crashing. I´ve done a test with the same song but only 4 audio and one midi track. all other deactivated. cpu use now 9 %. same crashing problem. why? to max the dsp setting of each nebula version have no change to this problem.

an other test is:
I create a new song. 1 audio and 3 midi tracks. 44,1 kHz, 16 bit with 32 bit float. per track one nebula nonreverb with a comp library, one nebula reverb with a room or delay library, one nebula nonreverb with a preamp and an algo level meter on each track. the nonreverb version with a dsp of 4096 and the reverb version with a dsp of 2048 setting. cpu use is now 75-85 %. no drop outs. everything is working fine. now I open a nonreverb version on the master track with a comp library. the cpu use now 85-100 % and some drop outs (normal). now I change the dsp of the nonreverb version to the 8192 setting. no different. then I change the dsp of the reverb version to the 8192 setting and the cpu use is going down to 45-55 %. all of this is absolute normal to me.

why are my standart songs crashing with the nebula nonreverb version?

I can´t cancel my new album with 18 songs. the work of more then one year. has anybody out there an idea or a solution to me? I´m realy helpless now. please some one. every idea is welcome.
maybe a problem between sir2 realtime use and nebula nonreverb?
another problem is:
if I open a nonreverb version a short but realy loud noise is hearing. a part of this problem?
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Re: nebula nonreverb version is crashing my daw – why?

Postby enriquesilveti » Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:33 am

Send me this post to enrique.silveti AT acusticaudio.net We have W7 and S1 for test here.
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