Sidechaining in Sonar

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Sidechaining in Sonar

Postby exrovite » Thu Sep 08, 2011 8:46 am

Hi all,
Can I get some help with sidechaining and Nebular in Sonar. I already know how to do sidechaining with my other comps So I just need to know if I am ommitting something.

Nebular exposes input 2 to sonar for the side chain but nothing is happening in Nebular.

Is there a sidchaining function i have to switch on in the Nebula even though the comp (eg 4kd) is already moded for sidechaining purposes.
I cannot seem to find anything labeled sidechain on Nebular or any function to sellect inputs fo sidechaining

I've looked through the forum and I cnat find any instructions to adress this.
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