Nebula with Logic Pro 9's Node feature

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Nebula with Logic Pro 9's Node feature

Postby purplesausage » Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:30 pm

I'm trying to use Logic Pro 9's Node feature to process a track with Nebula using an external network-connected computer running Logic Node. The same version of Nebula is installed on each machine, as are the libraries with which I'm trying to process the tracks. On the host (main) machine, the Node icon next to the track in the arrange is a solid green, indicating that Logic thinks that the channel's insert effects are successfully running on an external 'node'; however, the audio is not being processed, i.e. the sound that I'm hearing is that of the unprocessed track. When I uncheck the node button/icon on the track, the desired Nebula processing is successfully applied via the host machine.

Has anyone had any success running Nebula with Logic node, and, if so, can they offer any ideas as to why I'm having problems? I am aware of the existence of Nebula Server-Edition, but I'm keen to use the Logic node feature if possible, as I like the fact that, if I remove the machine running Logic Node from the network, Logic will automatically revert to the host machine's own internal processing to run the effects.

I am running Logic in 32-bit mode.


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Re: Nebula with Logic Pro 9's Node feature

Postby giancarlo » Thu Aug 11, 2011 8:54 pm

it's not supported... I didn't find much documentation on it...
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