Summing nebula mixer

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Summing nebula mixer

Postby indelible » Sun Jul 22, 2012 5:57 pm

Hi guys.I would like to create a summing mixer using Nebula 3.Let me explain.I want record the single tracks from my daw on new channels where I add some nebula programs.It's not a proper summing mixer but like to recreate the way this hardware works.I want to do this after I mixed the song because my cpu can handle so many nebula plugins in realtime.I got AlexB's MTC console,Preamp Color Suite,NAG Tape,Tape Booster and Henry Olonga Replica NV preamp.I want to set up this and work with the input control in nebula on some gain changes from the mix.Any ideas will be appreciated
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Re: Summing nebula mixer

Postby Henry Olonga » Sat Oct 06, 2012 9:18 am

Thought I would chime in as this has gone unanswered. Not sure what you mean here about a summing mixer exactly but I use a two step process. Are you thinking of using stems? First I mix individual mix elements. What I commonly do at mix time is set up a chain and bounce each track in realtime through my chosen nebula chain. In other words I treat the nebula virtual rack as if it is analog hardware on each track. Sounds better to my ears but that is awefully subjective. Sometimes, in fact often, I got out of my analog outputs to go into other gear such as a valve intergace or tape machine and then come back in. I use Prismsound convertors so there isn't a big loss. Voltage just agrees with audio better than math IMHO. Other times it is all ITB. I am aware of the renderers but using this method the sound is equal to what I heard and I can chain maybe about 6 nebulas before my computer complains.

As my computer can handle a few instances, once I have made my main mix decisions I then focus on busses and the master bus to create a Nebula summing mixer ITB by placing instances of the plugin on them. I have specifically sampled a N**e summing mixer but also use preamps, consoles and eqs. Adding stuff on your master bus is a great way to overcome the clean digital sound. My tracks are bounced down so I although I am committed to specific sounds on tracks I have enough juce to shape a mix in the busses.

Best wishes

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