Nebula "breaks" everytime I upgrad

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Nebula "breaks" everytime I upgrad

Postby greekpeet » Fri Jul 22, 2011 1:54 am

Hi I'm on the Mac side of things and noticed every time I 'upgrade' it over writes all of my settings, xml's etc. Its a nightmare to track things down to getting working again.

Please when it 'upgrades' is there ANYWAY you can have it NOT overwrite an the XML config file??

I spend a lot of time tweaking everything and then when I upgrade I have to start over. In fact I had a backup, pointed the new XML location to where I have my neb repository folder, and then it overwrote that, and then crashed logic.


I noticed in the newest "g" experimental version with the XML there is now no path for selecting a skin?

wasted 45 minutes on this so far.

what am I doing wrong here?

OSX 10.6, Logic
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