Some questions about Nebula Server

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Some questions about Nebula Server

Postby Yuri514 » Wed Apr 20, 2011 7:18 pm

Hey guys,

I love the Nebula 3 Pro sound quality and of course always trying to find a way to get better CPU/RAM performance for more instances :)

I am trying to get a clear picture about the whole server thing and have some questions.

1. Does 'server' support Nebula 3 Pro or is it still based on some lower Nebula version?

2. In a situation of two machines, one lower power and one higher power, which one of those would be running 'server' and which would be running 'client'?

3. Is is possible to do a cross-platform server set-up, such as a Mac laptop running the client and the PC running server? (Roles could be reversed based on answer to question above)

4. If I already have Nebula 3 Pro bundle, is there a way for me to 'upgrade' to server or is it straight up $168 for the server bundle in addition to the original N3Pro costs?

Thanks in advance.
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