Working with Noob-ula (Very Clever, Eh?)

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Working with Noob-ula (Very Clever, Eh?)

Postby Debutante » Fri Apr 01, 2011 6:42 am

This is a pretty big plugin. I'm using it for now mainly for reverbs, looking to buy some...bla bla bla

So far the only parameters I know for reverb are the FREQD etc on the KERN page.

What else can I be looking into to use reverbs well? Particularly for sound manipulation. I RTMF so I know about the stuff in the EDIT page, but some parameters are a little confusing (like ...+SRC parameter options).

Also are there any great pointers for turning CPU usage down; as in things I can turn OFF etc...

Very general, I know, but in trying to understand the plugin fully, what areas would one recommend I grasp first, type of thing...
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