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Acustica For Business aimed at companies or individuals who wish to become part of the Acustica family and enter the world of audio software by developing third-party libraries for the award-winning N4 platform. Acustica’s proprietary sampling technology offers many dedicated functions as well as a very powerful audio programming environment. Each third-party developer, working in close cooperation with the company, can take advantage of all these features and create his/her libraries ready to be shared with a community that to this day has reached more than 200,000 users. The Acustica team will provide you with a solid basis to independently develop your libraries complete with their customized interfaces. You will be technically and commercially supported, and you’ll be granted permission to employ our up-to-date proprietary tools such as N.A.T. 4. N.A.T. (Nebula Application Tools) is a smart sampler, based on a template-driven approach. First, you connect your device, then select a sampling session from a preset list and start sampling your hardware gear. An intuitive offline mode is also supported, so software sampling is possible as well. Editing and further processing of sampled sources are immediately available within the Acqua Engine. Proprietary sample programs can be encrypted directly within N.A.T. eliminating the need for extensive coding protection. Acustica organizes yearly WORKSHOPS dedicated to the various techniques concerning our proprietary sampling technology. Subscribe to our Newsletter and keep up with the latest news by consulting our Events section. Alternatively, if you want more detailed information, please write an email directly to [email protected] 


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