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Hear what the pros have to say. 

From Grammy-winning producers & engineers to multi-talented artists and top session musicians.

Jack Ruston

'When you first listen to Ebony on its own, you think It sounds like a plate. It doesn't sound like other plug in plates. And then you bring it up in the track and the source just MELTS.' Judas Priest, Reuben, Walking On Cars, Void, McBusted, James Morrison

Greg Wells

'Cream is an intuitively smart tone machine that sounds as great as it looks. I enjoy using all the options found in the plugin, and I swear things sound better simply running through Cream in factory default setting.' The Greatest Showman, Twenty One Pilots, Katy Perry, Adele

Joe Carrell

'Taupe is top. It’s simply the best tape emulation software on the market' 7x Grammy® nominated Mixing Engineer & Producer

Michele Canova

'Acustica Audio is at the forefront of DAW audio plugins. Sound quality is spectacular.' Tiziano Ferro, Patty Pravo, Jovanotti, Eros Ramazzotti, Biagio Antonacci

Ignacio Sotelo

'Acustica are doing something I’ve never heard before and the results are impressive. They really tilted the balance in the old analog vs digital debate. I don’t think I’ll ever deliver a mix without a bunch of Acustica plugins on it!." Mixing & recording engineer, record producer. Latin Grammy® winner, 2x Latin Grammy® Nominee. Currently based in Valenzo Studios, Mexico City.

David Kalmusky

'El Rey is the 1st plugin I’ve ever encountered that I’m recognizing the character, harmonics, warmth, and glue I’ve only previously experienced with hardware, This plugin is simply stunning!' Multi-platinum mixing engineer/producer

Greg Wurth

'I used the Scarlett on the mastering of many records that I also mixed. The EQ is very nice'. Grammy Nominated, Gold & Platinum award winning producer.

Mike Gonsolin

'Acustica is a next level company with some of the most innovative and ahead of the curve mixing plugins on the market.' CEO at Trend Def Studios - Producer & Mixing Engineer - He has worked with Snoop Dogg, French Montana, The Migos, Rich the Kid, Famous Dex, and Joey Bada$$

Alex Picciafuochi

'I love all Acustica plugins, they help me tremendously achieve that magic analog tone, completely in the box. Ivory is a must for me, plus it's my first...analog plugin!' Veteran EDM Mastering Engineer - Claudio Coccoluto, RobertMiles, Luca Agnelli

Marcus Boeltz

'I am simply in love with Acustica Audio plugins' Producer, Drummer & Composer. He has written over 2500 music scores for Film/TV worldwide

Bobby Holland

'Amber3 sounds GREAT. The EQ is super sweet sounding, very musical. The compressor is so pleasant, and can be very gentle. I’ve been loving the channel strip on piano a LOT. Truly magical' Grammy-nominated producer/engineer

Alan Branch

'My DAW feels like it’s exploded with analog goodness! ...And El Rey, wow, what a beautiful sound, that plugin should come with a warning label!' Grammy Award winning Mixer, Engineer, Producer, Writer and Musician - U2, Jeff Beck, Beverly Knight, Sinead O'Connor, Nine Inch nails, Boy George, Primal Scream, Sade, The Cure


'The struggle to get that “analog sound” in the box is now over! Each Acustica Audio plugin makes any source come to life' Alawn has produced and mixed records for a range of upcoming and established artist and producers, including Flo Rida, Snoop Dogg, Jasmine V, Jacob Latimore, Carl Thomas, Gucci Mane and Paul Wall, Tyron Hapi and Liam Ferrari to name a few.

Earle Holder

'I have found Taupe. My search for audio purity is complete. I am experiencing Nirvana. I have put at least twenty songs through this tool and they sound wonderful. Taupe adds a certain “je ne sais quoi” that is almost indescribable' Public Enemy, Chuck D, Paul B Allen III, Slam Jamz Records - Grammy Judge

Eddie Bazil

'Acustica plugins have ruined my life. Whereas I used to be able to select plugins based on like for like comparables, with Acustica I am left no such choice. The plugins are unique in that there are relatively no comparables available on the market'. AON, DJ Shadow, Juice, Pet Shop Boys, Spandau Ballet, C Campbell, Bobin, Paul Dee, Jets Orchestra, DJ Krush

Luca Pretolesi

'With Acustica Audio and immediately I felt something unique in the way they capture the sound of gear and are able to retain a certain vibe in tone absolutely superior to other plugins'. Head mixing & mastering engineer of Studio DMI

Steve Galante

'After more than two decades working with analog and 15 years with digital, using Acustica Audio plugins revealed what I was missing, not saturation, noise or distortion, but that sense of 3D, depth, weight and creaminess that, so far, only their plugins seem to have.' Gino Vannelli, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Randy Crawford, Billy Preston, Michael Landau, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Tavaglione, John Patitucci

Greg Morgenstein

Ruby is by far the most luxurious sounding EQ on the market. truly sounds as good as the actual hardware. Acustica Audio has changed my perspective and bias against software modeling. I now hear a new generational change with the quality and functionality of software. Grammy nominated multi-talented engineer, producer, and composer. CTO of HEAR360, a hardware and software development company focused on immersive solutions.

Maarten Vorwerk

'I have tested the Diamond EQ as a mastering EQ today and put it on several of my own and other mixes. But Damn this thing is something else!' Jump/Hardstyle/Trance/Club-producer

Camo & Krooked

Sand is a beast! Love the routing options. It sounds great, punchy and gluey" Electronic music producer/artist duo

Damien Page Lewis

'I love Acustica plugins, they deliver the analog tone I am looking for wherever I end up mixing" In 2010 Damien earned his first Grammy nomination for engineering contributions to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”. To date his engineering can be found on 15 Grammy nominated songs or albums. 5 of which have won a Grammy.

Alan Saucedo

'I’m daily user of Acustica Audio Plugins, no matter if i’m mixing, tracking or producing. Best plugin out there by far' 2 x Grammy® winner 4 x Latin Grammy® Winner - Natalia Lafourcade, Sin Bandera, Lila Downs, Jorge Drexler, Leonel García, Carla Morrison, Reik, Emmanuel

Mike Avenaim

'El Rey on the Drum Bus is INSANE. It brings out the Kick and Snare in such a thick and fantastic way. Gold2 is AMAZING on the Snare' Studio Drummer, Producer, Composer - Scott Weiland, Leslie Odom Jr., Tori Kelly, Hailee Steinfeld, Jorge Blanco, Disney, Emblem3, Zella Day, M-Phazes

Dylan Dresdow

'Ruby has all but replaced any of the “Pultec” style plug in EQ's I’ve used!' Grammy® award winner, Emmy® award winner, and multi-platinum tracking and mixing engineer

Rik Simpson

"El Rey? I f****** love it" Rik Simpson / Multi Grammy Award-winning British record producer, sound engineer, musician, and songwriter (Coldplay, Jay-Z, Natalie Imbruglia)

Stan Greene

'Acustica plugins have changed my life. I love, love, love, LOVE them. I feel like I’ve been cheated by some other companies. [Laughs] I feel like I actually have achieved a higher level of sonic richness that I couldn't find anywhere else. This is ridiculous.' Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Kris Wu, Kehlani and many more

Marco Lecci

'I was really impressed by Acustica’s plugins and how they feel identical to their analog counterparts' Mia Martini, Barbarossa, Paola Turci, Ornella Vanoni, Alex Britti, Giorgia

Aiko Rohd

'Acustica plugins have become some of my favourite audio tools. They are some of the best sounding plugins I’ve heard to date' Multi-platinum producer, songwriter & mixing engineer from Berlin (Felix Jaehn, Kaskade, Tim Bendzko, Xavier Naidoo)

Steve Belgrave

'Lime sounds awesome! So easy to dial in the sound you're after. It can be extremely subtle or you can dial in masses of character. it's a keeper!'. The Rolling Stones, U2 and Noel Gallagher (Beady Eye), BBC, ABC, Discovery Channel.

Mike Mangini

'It's vary rare for me to get excited about gear that isn't at least 30 years old, but when I tried Pink2 I was totally shocked.' Joss Stone, Digable Planets, Bahamen, Shrek Soundtrack, Boyzone

Dave Pemberton

'Very impressed with the Magenta across my mix bus! It's really added a sweet analogue-like top end to the whole mix, and it's done a nice job of tightening up the bottom end! The Prodigy, Kasabian, Orbital

Jules Ramllano

'Acustica Audio plugins are THE solution to give the vintage, silky and deep sound to my mixes, as they sound exactly like vintage and expensive outboard gear. It is an indescribable feeling and vibe' Latin Multi gold and platinum record producer and mixing engineer

Kim Rosen

'Ruby sounds GREAT'. GRAMMY® nominated mastering engineer - Jeremy Enigk, Franz Ferdinand, Dashboard Confessional

Stefano Pizzaia

'I've been using an hybrid setup for the last few years, trying to find the perfect balance between digital and analog but I've never been able to get to this level of audio quality in the digital domain before. Acustica Audio is a revelation' Stefano Pizzaia - 2 x Latin Grammy® awards and 5 x Latin Grammy® nominations

Silicone Soul

'Jaws have been dropping LEFT,RIGHT and CENTRE!. Taupe, seems to add that little magic to anything it touches.' Electronic Duo

Aaron Harris

'I love Acustica plugins. They react like real gear. I also love how "deep" they sound' Composer & Musician - Puscifer, Spotlights, Deftones, Team Sleep, Pelican, Netflix

Eduard Kort

'For me Acustica plugins seamlessly bridge the gap between legendary analog hardware and the ease of use of the digital domain without compromising on the sound quality.' Producer, engineer and pianist based in Berlin, Germany - specialising in combining classic sounds with modern production techniques.

Ryan McCambridge

'I use Acustica plugins when a part needs something extra special. Cream2 really adds an amazing texture to anything you put through it.' Metric, Glass Tiger and Jonas & The Massive Attraction

Andrea Pellegrini

'Acustica have changed the way I mix in the box' Gavin Harrison, The Crimson Projeckt, Stadio, Steve Gadd & more
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