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Aquarius is a brand new assistant application by Acustica Audio which offers a quick and easy way to download, install, update and authorize your products.

Aquarius is a portable application for both OSX and Windows operating systems.
An installation setup is not required, but please note that Aquarius will NOT work correctly if you run it from a protected folder without being the owner of correct write permissions; for this reason, we strongly suggest to move the Aquarius application (files and folder) to the recommended paths (see below) for each platform.
Since off-line mode is not available yet, for the time being you need a working Internet connection in order to correctly run Aquarius in your computer.

If you are an OSX user, and you don't know exactly where the OSX application folder is located, or how to move the Aquarius application file to the application folder, we recommend you to run the Aquarius setup installer for OSX: it will take care of moving all the relevant files to the correct path destinations.


  • Aquarius OSX

  • Aquarius Windows

Aquarius user's manual

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