Neo Console Plugin Suite

Neo Console Plugin Suite

Neo Console Plugin Suite

By Acustica Audio in collaboration with ( AlexB - Alessandro Boschi )

The Neo Console Plug-In Suite (3 single plug-ins) is a world class desk gives at your mix a solid base with punch to win on the groove.

Key Features


Despite the digital revolution in the pro audio industry, many of today’s top albums are still mixed on analog consoles. Mixing into an analog desk just sounds better. Everything sits better in the mix, there is more weight to the bottom, and the overall sound is more three dimensional. Analog devices produce electrical artifacts that affect frequency response, add harmonics, cause signal clipping and increase noise. These artifacts, which audio engineers often consider the character of a particular device, result from a combination of factors such as component grade, technology type (i.e. vacuum tubes, ICs, transistors), power supply specifications, equipment casing and other variables. Depending on the circuit characteristics, input signal frequency response varies. Some circuits cut frequencies, others boost them. This behavior is part of the overall device character and should not be confused with user adjustable EQ. Total harmonic distortion (THD) is based on the levels of the odd and even harmonics of an input signal, usually at a level much lower than the fundamental level. THD balance and decay are circuit dependent, and thus differ from device to device. Crosstalk and Noise are two elements which every designer tends to avoid to not affect the audio quality. Since in the analog world they can't be avoided, fortunately in digital domain with Volterra Technology we have reduced the noise at less of -120dBfs and completely avoided Crosstalk during the sampling. The result is an ideal full quality sound from a perfect working condition hardware. We have recreated these non linearity characteristics into Neo Console by sampling a vintage console in perfect working conditions. Your DAW will become more alive with the classic vibe of a real desk and you may notice that your mixes take on a subtle enhancement in punch, glue, and dimension.


Input Gain Input Gain: sets the level at the input of the plugin. The range is from -8 dB to +6 dB.
Output Gain: sets the level at the output of the plugin. The range is from -8 dB to +6 dB. Output Gain
Drive Control Drive Control: The “Drive” control is a unique feature not found in similar products from others brands that comes from Acustica Audio VVKT proprietary technology and sampling aproach.
It allows you to control the amount of harmonic distortion that is coming from the analog hardware. The “Input” control acts as the analog signal chain of the device, where reducing the volume also reduces the harmonic distortion in accordance. The “Drive” function allows independent control of this harmonic content, so that the input level can be left alone while making adjustments to the harmonics. Reducing the harmonics leads to a cleaner signal with an already clean device. Increasing the harmonics should be done with moderation. This type of effect is not truly representative of a real console, but it can be useful when you want more of the console’s nonlinear “vibe” without altering the channel’s levels. The range is from -12 dB to +12 dB. Note that increasing the input signal the internal headroom will be reduced.
Mic In: this control switchs the circuit stage from line input to microphone preamp changing frequency response, dynamics behaviour and harmonic contents. (“Mic in” is present in the Input Channel only). Mic In
Meters: Input and Output Meters display the levels at the input and output of the plugin in dBfs by changing the coloration also when clip occurs.


Input Channel
The Neo Input Channel is the first stage of the console, normally it works as line amplifier and you should insert it on every track.

Group Bus
If you send some tracks to a submix bus group in your DAW and you like to have the real sound by Bus Group of the console, you can insert the Neo Group Bus as last insert into DAW's submix bus group.

Mix Bus
Neo Console Mix Bus is the final stage of the console, it must be inserted in the mixbus of the DAW.



Sys Requirements

Operating System Xp Sp2 Latest 64 bits version
Ram 2 Gb 24 Gb
Hd 120 Gb 120 Gb SSD
Screen Resolution 1024x768 Full Hd
Audio Host VST compatible VST compatible
CPU Dual Core Latest multicore CPU




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