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"You have asked and Acustica is listening. We bring you one of the most sought-after gifts ever: an audio tool that you may have been dreaming of, searching on the web for, and researching on the many audio magazines online....

This is not another simple clone. This is our proprietary sampling of a completely unique and innovative mastering-grade hardware piece (that is not even in mass production!) that we have endorsed with the creators of the unit. We here at Acustica are betting that this is even better than what you could ever dream of....."




With our unique and powerful technology we decided to recreate the wonderful sound of WHITE2 (WSM PEQ-2.0).
WHITE2 is the first endorsed mastering EQ by Acustica.

WSM PEQ-2.0 is a solid state P. EQ, with dual-mono channel topology designed specifically for Mastering.
Its solid state design gives it excellent transient response., and has knobs with stepped controls to guarantee perfect reproduction of the stereo spectrum and with amazing complete recall capabilities.



This HARDWARE was created as the evolution of a classic P. Equalizer using passive filters , inductors and transformers , while the design choice of a make -up solid state makes it suitable for any musical genre.The low frequency band has been enhanced by being split , so now, unlike with most P. units, you can use.
The WSM began as a custom project of White Sound Mastering studio in Florence.

Key Features





White2 is  based on new native Core8 engine.  It was carefully resampled and all bands are more responsive than the previous version.
This upgrade contains only one skin improved and more realistic which enhances the potential of this beautiful software.

White2 is compatible with White  so it doesn't need to be authorized again.

This bundle contains:
  • White2 
  • White2  ZL(*)

(*) Zero Latency

The unique character is just the same, waiting to be discovered and appreciated by those who don't know it yet. Enjoy!



Pressing this button to power up the unit.

Pressing this button to activate the PREAMP of the plug-in.

This switch links the controls of left and right channels.

Similar to the “Q” control or better the BANDWIDTH. This knob is used to select the Q shape.

Gain control sets the OUTPUT LEVEL of the plug-in. You have a -12dB/+12dB.

OUTPUT L-R meters
the L(M)-R(S) meter measure the output level of the plug-in

L/R - M/S
This knob allows to choose the LEFT-RIGHT or the MID-SIDE configuration of the plug-in.
So Each MONO-channels can be controlled independently or dependently by an identical set of controls;

First LOW FREQUENCY band has been enhanced by being split, so now, unlike with most P-style units, you can use the controls of the BOOST and CUT simultaneously on multiple frequencies. This provides greater flexibility and many more possibilities for sound-shaping the audio.

  • BOOST knob goes from 0 to 18 dB and controls a low
  • CUT knob goes from 0 to -18 dB using the Low shelf filter

Low Frequency sets the cut-off frequency for low frequency BOOST and CUT controls. The frequency settings for each controls are 20 Hz, 30Hz, 40Hz, 60Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz.

Second HIGH FREQUENCY section is made up of two INDEPENDENT subsections, the BOOST and the CUT sections.


This control allow you to CUT from 0dB to 18dB independently of the other High section.
The CUT knob will attenuate the signal from 0 to 18 dB.
High-CUT Frequency sets the cut-off frequency for high frequency CUT control. The frequency settings are 5kHz, 10kHz, 12Hz, 16Hz, 20kHz.


This BOOST section allows to control the gain for a boost and the values range goes from 0dB to 12dB.
High-BOOST Frequency sets the cut-off frequency for the high frequency BOOST control and it goes from 1kHz to 16kHz;
This section has a BROAD/SHARP control to sets the Q of the BOOST peak filter.

Sampling rate

  • 44,1 kHz
  • 96 kHz




Sys Requirements

OSX 32 Bit OSX 64 Bit

Operating System Windows7 Windows10 OS X 10.8 OS X 10.11
CPU Dual Core Latest multicore CPU (1) Dual Core Latest multicore CPU (1)
RAM 4 Gb 16 GB to 128 GB 4 GB 16 GB to 128 GB
HDD/SDD 1000 Mb 1000 Mb 1000 Mb 1000 Mb
Screen Resolution 1024x768 (XGA) 1920×1080 (HDTV) (2) 1024x768 (XGA) 1920×1080 (HDTV) (2)
Audio Host VST2/AAX 32 bits VST2/AAX 64 bits VST/AU/AAX 32 bits
VST/AU/AAX 64 bits

(1) Intel Xeon v3 or Intel i7 generation 4 or 6 or newer is recommended.
(2) 3840x2160 UHDTV is also supported.

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