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In the world of hardware equalizers, very few can boast such high praise and almost universal growing popularity. In the software world, the choices for tools seems endless. Only a select handful of developers are inspired by such coveted gear and able to reach the excellence in realistic digital emulation.


Amber2 is based on new Core7 engine, the revolutionary multithreding technology by Acustica. It is based on fractal approach to partitioned convolution, allows to optimize performance of  Aqua plug-ins  to make maximum use of your system resources…to exploit zero latency.

Key Features


Amber With its natural and musical sound, Amber Eq is a pure class A music equalizer, designed to deliver sonic excellence. Today it can be ranked as the most powerful, low-noise parametric Eq available in the digital domain.  
During the modeling process we used the best converters and cables on the market, we measured the mastering unit in excellent conditions, and employed skilled experts in the sampling process using our self-developed sampling application.
Now you have one of the best high-quality professional audio software in your audio workstation. We spend countless hours developing these no-compromise plug-ins to give you only the best sound and the feel that is as close to the real hardware as could be imagined
Despite the digital revolution in the professional audio industry, many of today’s top albums are still mixed with analog outboard gear. Many people feel that mixing in the analog domain imparts an elusive quality, a greater sense of weight, space, dynamics with a more “three-dimensional” image.
The sound of analog devices is exponentially complex. The initial signal is changed in many, often very subtle ways, distortion characteristics, frequency response deviations, and nonlinear saturation, just to name a few. Vectorial Volterra Kernel technology from Acustica Audio captures these nonlinear characteristics inherent in the original hardware through a different signal modeling approach.


Amber Magenta Logo

Input Gain/Output Gain: sets the gain of input/output signal from -192 dB to +6 dB.

Preamp in-out switch: Power toggle switch enables and disables preamp. When the preamp is on the light inside the amber is on. When you turn off the preamp, equalization section is still working and the light turns off.



Frequency control: frequency control is steeped and each band provides a wide range of overlapping and interleaving frequency choices.
Available frequencies are:
Low band (18 Hz to 450 Hz): 18 Hz, 25 Hz, 30 Hz, 50 Hz, 72 Hz, 100 Hz, 150 Hz, 215 Hz, 300 Hz and 450 Hz.
Low-mid band (350 Hz to 450 Hz): 35 Hz, 45 Hz, 70 Hz, 90 Hz, 170 Hz, 200 Hz, 240 Hz and 450 Hz.
Low-mid band X10 (35 Hz to 4k5 Hz): 350 Hz, 450 Hz, 600 Hz, 900 Hz, 1k7 Hz, 2k Hz, 2k4 Hz and 4k5 Hz.
High-mid band (200 Hz to 2k3 Hz): 200 Hz, 220 Hz, 340 Hz, 440 Hz, 900 Hz, 1k1 Hz, 1k3 Hz and 2k3 Hz.
High-mid band X10 (1k6 Hz to 20k Hz): 1k6 Hz, 2k Hz, 2k8 Hz, 4k Hz, 8k Hz, 9k Hz, 10k Hz and 20k Hz.
High band (1k5 Hz to 25k Hz): 1k5 Hz, 2k5 Hz, 3k5 Hz, 5k Hz, 7k2 Hz, 10k Hz, 12k5 Hz, 15k Hz, 20k Hz and 25k Hz.
Width control: Width controls are available for high-mid and low-mid bands and range from very narrow to wide bell. The wider shape is fully counter-clockwise and the narrower shape is fully clockwise. You can find a plot of Amber bell curve in the next chapter.
Gain control: provides boost and/or cut amount depending on which band you are applying it. You have a -16dB/+16dB cut/boost in high-mid and low-mid bands; then a -24dB/+24dB cut/boost in low-band and a -20dB/+20dB cut/boost in high-band.
Bands power switches: In order to engage a band, you have to click on “IN” button, turn it off and just press again on the button.
Bands type switches: Shelf and bell filter type toggle switches are available only in the lowest and highest bands and allow to setup the selected band as a shelf and bell shape. The two mid-bands can be only bell shape.
Bands multiplier switches: Band multipliers allow you to choose a different interval of frequencies for low-mid and high-mid bands. When this button is pressed, frequency labels change and show the new frequencies.




Credits for: Danny Feng



Credits for piano+hang recording: (Band: Seven Seas; Artists: Martin Wittenbrink, Jan Wittenbrink) - All rights reserved.

Sys Requirements


Operating System Windows XP SP3 32 bits (1) Windows 8.1 64 bits OSX 10.6 32 bits (1) OSX 10.8 64 bits
Ram 4 GB 32 GB to 128 GB 4 GB 32 GB to 128 GB
HDD/SSD 200 MB 10 GB to 100 GB 200 MB 10 GB to 100 GB
Screen Resolution 1024x768 (XGA) 1920x1080 (HDTV) to 4096x3112 (4K) 1024x768 (XGA) 1920x1080 (HDTV) to 4096x3112 (4K))
Audio Host VST2 (Windows) VST2 (Windows) VST/AU (OSX) VST/AU (OSX) /AAX 64 bits
CPU Intel Sandy Bridge i5 Skylake and Xeon v3 Intel Sandy Bridge i5 Intel i7 Haswell

(1) Use VSTGUI3, legacy VSTGUI UI framework.

(2) Intel Xeon v3 or Intel i7 generation 4 or 5 or newer is recommended.

(3) 3840x2160 UHDTV is also supported.


In Depth

Amber Forum


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