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Titanium Preview  3D

Titanium - Preview 3D

Titanium is the very first multiband compressor of it's kind in the sampled plugin audio market. Acustica Audio, in a move that is bold even for a vanguard company like them, has sampled one and is now bringing it to you in the form of a ground-breaking and great sounding Acqua plugin.
Compared to more traditional compressors, there are very few multiband compressors available, both hardware and software. Of the software plugins available, none are based on sampling, and none come close to the sound of Titanium.
Titanium is based on the exciting new compressor technology that uses:
  • a new extremely fast engine;
  • newly developed envelope followers that make possible performance and functionality unheard of in Nebula/Acqua until now;
  • a new tech for modeling the envelope follower shape.
The Titanium suite is made up of 3 separate Acqua plugins that have gorgeous graphical user interfaces that enable easy and quick parameter changes (and are fun to look at!): the main plugin is a 3 band multiband, but also included in the bundle are a 2 band plugin that has the mid and high frequency bands, and a single band compressor that can be used more like a typical compressor. All 3 of these powerful compressor plugins are included at one amazing and affordable price!
Titanium is not like any plugin you have ever used, and after so much work and passion we have put into this, we at Acustica Audio are very proud of this release. We hope that you enjoy using this in your audio projects as much as we loved making it.

Key Features


Titanium - Preview 3D Despite the digital revolution in the pro audio industry, many of today’s top albums are still mixed with analog outboard gear. Mixing with analog devices often still sounds better to many people. There is a very elusive and almost "magical" quality imparted from analog signal chains that is missing in the digital realm. There appears to be more weight to a mix, and the overall sound is more three dimensional. Analog devices produce electrical artifacts that affect frequency response, add harmonics, cause signal clipping and increase noise. These artifacts, which audio engineers often consider the character of a particular device, result from a combination of factors such as component grade, technology type (i.e. vacuum tubes, ICs, transistors), power supply specifications, equipment casing and other variables.
Depending on the circuit characteristics, input signal frequency response varies. Some circuits cut frequencies, others boost them. This behavior is part of the overall device character and should not be confused with user adjustable EQ.
Total harmonic distortion (THD) is based on the levels of the odd and even harmonics of an input signal, usually at a level much lower than the fundamental level. THD balance and decay are circuit dependent, and thus differ from device to device.
CrossTalk and Noise are two elements which every designer tends to avoid to not affect the audio quality. Since in the analog world they can't be avoided, fortunately in digital domain with Volterra Technology we have reduced the noise at less of -120dBfs and completely avoided CrossTalk during the sampling.
The result is an optimum full quality sound from a like-new working condition hardware.


  • Out: this knobs controls plug-in output gain;
  • On/Off: this switch turns each bands compressor and preamp in bypass mode. The crossover section is independent from this control so if a band is muted, crossover filters still affect the incoming signal;
  • Threshold: This knob set the threshold of the compressor from 0dB to a minimum of -20dB;
  • Ratio: This knob set the compression ratio, available values range from 1.5:1 to 10:1;
  • Attack: This knob set compressor's attack time that range from X ms (fast) to X ms (slow);
  • Release: This knob set compressor's release time that range from X ms (fast) to X ms (slow);
  • Over High: this knob select the frequency of high and mid band crossover. Available value are : 1.2kHz, 2kHz, 3.2kHz, 4kHz, 4.8kHz and 6kHz;
  • Over Low: this knob select the frequency of low and mid band crossover. Available value are : 60Hz, 100Hz, 150Hz, 200Hz, 250Hz and 300Hz. When the multiplier switch is on, the crossover frequencies become 240Hz, 400Hz, 600Hz, 800Hz, 1kHz and 1.2kHz;
  • High Band/Mid Band/Low Band switches: these switches engage the relative bands, when a band is on the respective led is lit up;
  • Over Low Multiplier switch: this switch allows to select between two frequency ranges: 60Hz-300Hz or 240Hz-1.2kHz. When the led is off, first range 60Hz-300Hz is selected. If led is on instead, range is 240Hz-1.2kHz;
  • Meters: there are three columns of meters, first one measures the relative band input level, second one measures the output level and third one measures the reduction level applied by compressor. Every band has its set of meters, independent of each others.
Amber Front Tease

Sampling rate

  • 44,1 KHz
  • 88,2 KHz
  • 96 KHz


3 Bands Plugin

2 Bands Plugin

1 Band Plugin


Credits for: Danny Feng



"Grind" is a cool ElectroDance-Funk tune that gets the Titanium mastering treatment;
"Don't Know"  is a viby Urban Ethereal low mix example that gets a huge Multi-Band boosting from Titanium.
Credits for "Don't Know" & "Grind": Eric “CoDee” Cody for Polaris Musiq Works - All rights reserved.

Sys Requirements


Operating System Xp Sp2 Latest 64 bits version
OSX 10.5 Latest 64 bits version*
Ram 2 Gb >4 Gb 4 Gb 16 Gb
Hd 500 Mb Latest SSD 500 Mb Latest SSD
Screen Resolution 1024x768 Full Hd 1024x768 Retina
Audio Host VST compatible VST compatible VST compatible
VST compatible
CPU Dual Core Latest multicore CPU Dual Core Latest multicore CPU

* Full compatibility with OSX Mavericks 32bit is not full guarantee.


In Depth

Titanium Forum


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