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Another fine character EQ from Acustica. The latest entry in Acustica's steady stream of impulse-based EQ emulations, Blue EQ harks back to the legendary British equalisers of the 60s, although it actually takes its lead from an American model: the Chandler Limited Germanium Tone Control. This is a highly-regarded modern EQ built using the same technology that powered some very famous British gear of the past, including EMI's early TG series, old Neves and even some Fairchild boxes.

Acustica Audio’s Nebula software is brimful of potential, and this course should help you realise a bit more of it. I was most intrigued to hear that Learn Digital Audio had created an online course explaining how to get the best out of Acustica Audio’s Nebula software. Nebula is a stunningly good software plug-in suite that can capture and replay detailed snapshots of loads of desirable audio hardware — but getting to grips with its idiosyncrasies can be a bit mind-boggling, for the novice and expert alike.

In need of a different and unique solution to string sounds in your mixes? Maybe the Stradipad Platinum Collection is what you’re looking for. Stradipad Platinum Collection (€99 EUR download only from is a plug-in from Nebula and AlexB that samples a variety of recording chains used to record string sections, pads and particular string instruments – and you select whether you want the 44.1 KHz or 96 KHz when you install, but both are included in the price.

Learning to capture the behaviour of controls will take your custom Nebula creations to another level. Last month, I explained the basic tools and techniques required to 'sample' preamps and reverbs for Acustica Audio's Nebula plug‑in ( If you're new to Nebula or its bundled NAT sampler, I recommend reading that article before this one. This month, I'll demonstrate how to capture gear with multiple controls, using EQs for the main examples. As Nebula is so demanding of processing power, I'll also help you make your Programs more resource-efficient.

Hardware EQ gone soft-plugin. As with the Acustica Audio Trinity plugin before it, there's no official word on exactly which hardware EQ was sampled in the creation of Acustica Audio's Silk EQ2 VST plugin (you probably never heard of v1, since it was only around for a matter of weeks before the sequel dropped), only that it stems from Germany and the 60s. The tiny 'W695b' legending strongly suggests that it's sampled from the Telefunken / Siemens EQ of the same model number, but the important thing is that it's built to impart a bit of characterful vintage quality to your tracks.

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