Acustica Audio News

Acustica Audio News

Enrique Nicolás Silveti

Enrique Nicolás Silveti has not set their biography yet
Next Step Thread was update

Acustica Audio will be in AES UK open to the public lecture in London

All Nebula product range, version 1.3.636, was upload
Please note that Pro Server has two builds, VSTGUI3 and VSTGUI4, try first VSTGUI4 build.
URL: User Area > Downloads.

Nebula new setups for Nebula2 & 3 FREE version 1.3.6xx are ready to download.

Go User Area


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All Nebula Series products are update to version 1.3.600

All Nebula products were update. Nebula3 Pro Bundle and Nebula3 Pro Server bundle also include Acqua Core4.


Nebula Hardware announced

Nebula Hardware, Acqua core4 audio engine and other upcoming developments have been announced.


3rd party developers page has been redesigned

You can find information about our 3rd party developers network in Company > 3rd Party Developers.


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