Alessandro Boschi


Alessandro Boschi's name, a.k.a. 'AlexB', has become synonomous with quality Nebula presets that represent their luxurious counterparts. He ensures that only top notch modern and vintage gear, precisely sampled with high end converters and cables, with particular care at the connections, levels and impedance matching, find their place amongst his Nebula libraries. Offering sampled vintage and modern gear with all of their unique trimmings, one can find consoles, EQ's, compressors, FX and highly sought after preamps.

Modern and Vintage Consoles
A collection from vintage '70 passing to classic '80 until the modern '90 and 2000 consoles. A complete palette of sounds making the mix to sound like a record.

Modern and Vintage Compressors
A collection which cover all circuitry topology: fet, tubes, opto, vca useful for mixing and mastering.

Modern and Vintage eQ
A large choice from vintage to modern equalizers from racked unit, consoles and custom shop stand-alone units.

Vintage Synth Filters and Saturators
Vintage Classic Filters from legendary synthesizers and tape saturators are the perfect tools to FX every sound.

About Alessandro Boschi + Links:
Having been a musician from an early age, Alessandro's passion for music also branched out into electronics engineering. To this day, he composes, records, and produces his music in his own modest Home Studio but also builds some of his outboard gear such as compressors, preamps, DAC converters, equalizers, special effects, consoles etc. Of course, these days, his passion and time has also been captivated by Nebula and creating quality libraries.

His website:
Full lists and descriptions of his Nebula presets can be read about here. There is also a full biography about Alex B. So stop by his website read more info and to learn about new Nebula preset releases as well as up and coming news.

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