Nebula Overview

Nebula SeriesNebula Series

Experience the full power of our ground-breaking proprietary audio processing technology, based on Vectorial Volterra Kernels, and find out what Nebula technology can do for your audio!














VST Multi-Effect Plug-In

Nebula is a VST multi-effect plug-in that emulates several types of exotic audio equipment, eliminating the need for costly hardware, bringing you worlds of new options.




Nebula uses libraries which are created by a sophisticated “sampling approach”, making it possible to virtually capture all of the subtle nuances of the characteristics of the sampled audio devices and then make them easily available for you to use throughout your audio projects.




The results of this sampling process are revolutionary complex emulations of many types of coveted and harmonically rich audio signal processes captured with realism never before heard. These are accessed from within a convenient VST plug-in that is compatible with all major DAW's and editing software. With Nebula, it is now possible to have many instances of classic and cutting edge hardware emulations, limited only by your imagination and your computer’s resources.






Nebula3 is a streamlined, lighter version of Nebula3 Pro, which retains all the most important features to improve your mixes.


Nebula3 Pro is Acustica Audio's showcase product. Experience the full power of our proprietary audio processing technology.


Nebula3 Server is our fastest-processing, best-performing, plug-in creation yet. Server and Localserver edition.


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